Saturday, May 20, 2017

"Breaking Anne" Anne with an E review

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Breaking Anne: Anne with an E review
I saw the first episode. The credits were amazing, the acting and  visuals were excellent.  There wasn't a flawed performance. It fails due to the writing and editing and good pilot syndrome. Its when
a pilot is amazing but the other episodes get worse and worse. The show never lives up to that first episode.
I love Anne of Green Gables and I love Jane Eye but this mashup only works in the first episode. Off the wall adoptions can work but it doesn't.
 I hate being mean to Moira  Walley-Beckett are a few moments of brilliance in the first episode
 and a few in episode two such as the Bible scene or when Anne is called a daughter. The darkness and removal of humor worked well for Anne's life before Green Gables but not so much afterword.
While the removal of the joy was for realism it actually makes the show soapy in a bad way.  
Anne of Green Gables the novel is full of tragedy, joy and sometimes laughter.
Anne With an E lacks humor and subtle feminism Becket ignores what that made Anne magical. Sadly it gets worse and more ridiculous with each episode. The importance of education for women is carefully woven in the books.    
Episode four is the worst written so far.       
The fire rescue was poorly done over the top and stupid.  
I think four will be my last episode I have suffered enough like poor Anne.
It is not a show I can enjoy with my children.
the show should be pg14. I know of one teacher who put it on and quickly turned it off. The children who were 9 and ten hated it.  The children were not traumatized they just hated it and decided with the teacher it was better to read the book.
I wouldn't mind this redone with the same cast but different writing staff.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

perfume samples

Perfume samples
I got some perfume samples in a catalogue
These were expensive over 100 dollar set
But I also bought orange essential oil and it was cheaper and everyone thought it smelled better
The perfume was over powering and didn't have good notes
This was the cheapest oil and still lovely
You wear it by putting it on a cloth disk in a special oil necklace
The necklaces sell on amazon many reasonably priced
 simple is more elegant

Monday, May 1, 2017

love the home you have

learn Love the Home you Have
All houses and apartments have flaws we moved from a bigger home to a smaller home on purpose.  

What if you fee

1. Fix the little things that drive you crazy, the cracked tub, the hole in the walk.
2. Tell yourself you love the house.
3. Do you really lack space or do have to much clutter or too much wasted space like an office or basement that can be converted. Oversized furniture can make a home feel cramped.
4. Do you really need every upgrade because a slightly outdated home can feel cozy or retro with the right d├ęcor.
5. Get art for your home. Art prints can simply be moved from room to room if carefully placed.
They even manufacture special adhesive tabs if nails are not allowed.

Friday, April 7, 2017

why I love working from home

cookies are in my art links.

why I love working at home.

1. Snacks are better
2. Napping stations :-)
3. I can be creative
4. I can work around my family.
5. Portable office means I can work from any room in the house. So I can be wherever I am needed.
I can work next to my husband or buy myself.
6. I can whistle while I work.  Okay I am a horrible whistler. 
7. I can exercise at my job site. 
8.  I can turn on my essential oil diffusers and fill my workspace with lovely smell of orange or peppermint.

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