Monday, September 15, 2014

Discovery comics, thankful list

I want to tell you about discovery comics

You should no longer fear your children reading comics. Discovery comics are educational. They sent a few comic books and I am amazed by the amount of titles.

There is a comic activity guide called operation back yard that teaches composting. One of the titles was a Visit to an Animal hospital which in only 12 pages give extensive information on animal care.

While learning comic books aren't right for every child they can be a nice short way to introduce a subject. Children with autism ADHD and other learning disorders sometimes prefer reading in a comic book forum.

Comic books are a great way for age appropriate learning tools for reluctant reader. Also a discovery comics has jem of a non educational comic called popcorn. Short Graphic Novels like Popcorn are a good way to get kids who hate to read into readers.

Thankful list

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Living Large in Any Size Home

Large living in Any Size home

Here is a secret to making space bigger I have a nice sized home but have lived in small apartment. But these tips can help a small house or apartment feel bigger and a bigger house feel comfortable and or cozy. A huge house might be a poor choice for a family if most of the rooms are extra living rooms and few bedrooms. While 175 square feet tiny homes are romantic they can be as impractical as 4,500 square foot mcmasnions.

1. Make use of light

2. Get rid of dark rugs go for light color resilient vinyl, light wood, or even linoleum

3. A two bed room can seem a lot bigger if the kids have their own beds. Children need their own space even if they share a room. Bunk beds aren't always the safest option.

4. A 700 sq feet with one and a half bath will be more useful to a family then a 1,500 square feet and only one bath room. at least a half bath is recommended if you have children.

5. Get of things you don't use. Clutter is a huge problem in making a big house fill cramped.

6. Make use of wall art. Wall art can add pizazz to a home without taking up too much room if you buy smaller prints.

7. Sometimes it is not clutter but furniture that is just way to big for the home that makes it feel cramped.

8. By converting a toilet to a toilet sink combo you can have a smaller bathroom. I don't have this but I want one 9. Is it feasible to convert a walk in closet to a small bedroom? Can you legally convert a basement to a bedroom. some cities and planned communities have restrictions.

10. Its a one bedroom apartment can you convert the bedroom to the kids room/nursery and then get a sleeper sofa for yourself.

11. Darker wall paints can make a larger 2,000 plus square foot house seem cozy but if you want your house to look bigger use brighter colors.

12. Buy a kindle for ebooks you can store a huge library of books on one machine. ipad can also be useful for virtaul games books but do not get the smaller gig one.

13. Do you have too many toys. Can you bribe family members for cutting things

14. Wall art can change a rooms look without repainting the whole room.