Monday, October 21, 2013

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Hello Everyone!

I've recently discovered a site that is very fun to write for if you like getting paid for article writing. It is possible that I'm one of the last people to hear about this site but maybe not. Feel free to take a look at and see what you think. If nothing else, you might find some interesting articles to read.

The site is different from most sites I've written for in the past in a few key ways. Mostly, it is about connecting and making friends on the site so that your articles get viewed by others. Bubblews pays you for views, comments, and likes or dislikes for each article that you submit. Their rules are pretty simple and straight forward. They have zero tolerance for plagiarism so no copying and pasting even of your own articles you may have written elsewhere.

You can feature one or more photos in each article that is either your own or is a creative commons photo. The fun part is that your articles only have to be at least 400 characters (not words!) long. I haven't been able to submit an article yet that is that short but many people do just to get their article count up. I prefer to invest in the future and offer something in each article that might be of value in the future and not just for those friends that might click on the article initially.

I thought it would be fun to open up the comments section to ideas for topics that I (or anyone!)can write articles about. If you have any suggestions, please list them in the comments section below as my goal is to list several posts a day and I need some inspiration big time.  If you do sign up on Bubblews, be sure and hop over to my Art Blog and let me know as I would love to Connect with you there.  :)

Now for today's featured artwork!

Jane Austen writing. Mousepads
Jane Austen writing. Mousepads by loudesigns
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I write children's books mugs
I write children's books mugs by AbundanceLoveTrip
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PARIS BINDER by loudesigns
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Abstract Art Swirls As Luck Would Have It Spiral Note Book
Abstract Art Swirls As Luck Would Have It Spiral Note Book by Itayasdesigns
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Until next time...Thanks for the suggestions and comments!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Romantic Halloween

People don't think of Halloween as a romantic Holiday but why not? this lens' photo Vintage halloween cards often were romantic.

Besides costume parties threes the home date? After the kids are settled down from their sugar rush it's a perfect time to spend it with a spouse.

1. You can get take out or make the food yourself. Cooking together can be fun too.

2. Dark roses 3. Good movies and shows think off beat to have a date: Think off beat Betelgeuse, ghostbusters, Mythbustrs, sci-Fi marathons.

4. Mood lighting: Eclectic candles look romantic without the heat.

5. Hummus and crackers.

Creepy over the moon and stars invitation
Creepy over the moon and stars by loudesigns
design an announcement at MASK IN BLUE Elegant ,Whimsical Wedding Party invitation
MASK IN BLUE Elegant ,Whimsical Wedding Party by bulgan_lumini
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Gothic Masquerade Card or Invitation by WebSpinstress
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romantic Halloween Greeting Cards by AbundanceLoveTrip
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My art

Way past Modern art iPhone 5 Covers
Way past Modern art iPhone 5 Covers by AbundanceLoveTrip
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I love Carob Coffee Mug by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Happy Lobster Apron by AbundanceLoveTrip
Make custom print aprons Toothy Tomato Key Chain
Toothy Tomato Key Chain by AbundanceLoveTrip
More Toothy tomato Keychains Why feel Joy 5.55 Post Card
Why feel Joy 5.55 Post Card by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Your way too busy to decorate for Halloween

Halloween Decoration Ideas for the busy

There are many reasons men and woman today simply do not have enough time to decorate for the Halloween holiday season. You could be working all time or you might be the kind of person who forgets until the last minute. You might be a stay at home mom or dad with young little children at home, you might be a single working parent, or just single and busy, but whatever the reason this lens will give you tips on how to decorate with decorating. One year I did a holiday shelf and just swapped it out for each seasosn.

Vampire eclair "Happy Halloween" Post Cards
Vampire eclair "Happy Halloween" Post Cards by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Trick Or Boo by nyxxie
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Halloween Lobster Princess by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Creepy walk canvas bags by loudesigns
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Halloween Lobster by AbundanceLoveTrip
make money as an artist using Zazzle. Creepy Over the Moon Round Stickers
Creepy Over the Moon Round Stickers by loudesigns
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Zombie iPhone 5 Case by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

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How to Gain Twitter Presence for indi Business Artists

Are you a Artist or Crafter? Do you use zazzle to sell your art? How do you promote?

Promotion ideas for Zazzle Artists

1. To promote art its best to use more visual promotions, artist samples, (I do postcards and other small photo prints I keep in my purse.) These are not expensive and beyond having just business cards.

2. Blogs are cheap and visual but I am not a fan of blogs that have nothing but products. I like content even if its look at the art award I won or I got featured on zazzle. I still think content is king. I have contributors to my blog. On their day they get to use their referral codes and promote me and the other contributors. This saves time promoting. Its specially good in summer months.

3. Make sure your shop stands out. Don't just copy popular brands. If you see a product you like but didn't create refer it. You can make money off that referral without watering down the marketplace.

4. Don't forget to promote during the summer. You don't need to spend 24/7 promoting but take some time to promote.

5. Go through your shop and hide any cut off products. You want your art/products to look nice and if you have lots of ill-fitting designs who will want to buy it.

6. Don't spam other sellers stores with pleas to have them join your facebook page. That is really impolite. Its not going to help you and will just annoy everyone.

Promoting With Twitter twitter may not be as visual but it can can be useful for telling people about blog updates. Its good when you want to get a short piece of news out there.

Twitter Tips

1. Quality followers count I've seen people with 400 followers have more sales from selling their product than those with over 1,000. Twitter for most people is best for sending short information to past costumers. Follow most of these high quality followers back.

2. Use tweet deck if you have a mega list of followers. .

3. Don't follow people till you have at least 20 posts. You need people to get a flavor of your posts and 3 is not a good sample..

4. ER Aka Retweet (Repost) other people's posts. It's helpful, builds followers and gives the originator credit. .

5. Make sure your posts are short enough to RT (Repost). .

7. Do not make twitter your only way to promote. Disney just doesn't tweet they have a business plan. Top sellers might also have blogs, squidoo pages, and business cards. .

8. You can use your blog posts to tweet so you are not promoting directly.

Business Cards

Happy ebook reader profilecard
Happy ebook reader by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Pulse Abstract by AbundanceLoveTrip
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luna sky 44.2 abstract "MOdern art" by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Jane Austen writing Business Card
Jane Austen writing Business Card by loudesigns
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Dog Groomer Business Cards
Dog Groomer Business Cards by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Thankful List






Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Kawaii Style or Kawaii Halloween Style

Halloween Kawaii Style or Kawaii Halloween Style

Kawaii is an art-form that stems from Japan. Kawaii means cute in Japan.

Kawaii is also mega popular in the US.

Hello Kitty, faces with food, drawings of strawberry shortcake would all be considered kawaii.

So if you want a cute but scary Halloween rather than a gory one. I have some Kawii Halloween ideas that are sure to but odd but cute style in your life.

Kawaii ideas

1. Dress stuffed animals in Halloween costumes

2. Use cookie cutters to make cute sandwiches instead of gory food

3. Watch cute but creepy Halloween movies like Nightmare before Christmas

Kawaii Pumpkin shirt
Kawaii Pumpkin by nyxxie
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Halloween Lobster Princess by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Halloween Lobster by AbundanceLoveTrip
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