Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What art products are worth it? Luxury Art

Yesterday[s post was all about saving money on buying art as well as budget mother’s day gifts.
What money have you spent on your art that has been worth it? From spending on advertising, computer art programs, to easels,

1. What art program over $25 bucks can't you live without
2. What art tool do you own and love
3. Do you buy expensive paint or paper, easel?
4. Have you ever paid for advertising your art or artisan products?

To me my tablet was a needed expense because it helps me grow as an artist

Luxury art on Zazzle
If money is no object here is some luxery art on zazzle


Sky patches


Original of this print was hand drawn


Lovely tree



  1. WOW thank you for posting my EGRET Moonlight Painting. That is so very nice of you!

  2. Thanks for posting my Keds shoe design! As always, you are the very best and I appreciate you. :)

    I think the one program that I use the most is paint.net. It's a freebie but I really depend on it to resize the images of my artwork and to do some basic adjustments. I know I don't use it to it's full capacity, but I do love the things I do use it for!

    I've got tons of paints, lots of art paper, canvases and the like to paint on. The things that I keep coming back to of late are creating paintings on wood blocks that I've cut myself and primed or painting on brown paper. I really love the texture of both surfaces and they are both readily available. :)