Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mini Goals, cold

I have a tiny cold but I got a nap in and all is well.

worked on Mini goals
Worked on my mini goals today
Big goals are less important than the simple actions what we do every day. We are our thoughts and actions. We are what on what we focus on everyday on what we focus on a few times a year.
What small steps do you take?

My new art called Other people's stories

Art I found

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I got more Christmas gifts yesterday that my mom sent via UPS. So it was like a third christmas. My little ones had lots of fun.
I have a new book to read.
Today I am doing a big promote of other people's artwork.

I am looking for valentine gifts for my husband
I THINKING something with chocolate and peanut butter

My new art

Cool romantic cover would be good for valentines day

love coupon


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

LittleOnesSweets, my modern art

Today I get a little chat with LittleOnesSweets

LittleOnesSweets is an online bakery like no other. It’s to raise money for the adoption of a child?
Yes, our profits go directly towards our adoption costs. The only money used from our donations that does not go to our adoption expenses is money that we use to purchase supplies for new orders.


When did you and your husband start baking?


I started baking at a very young age by helping my Mom, Aunt and Grandmother in the kitchen. When we got married and I had a kitchen of my own I started baking for Eric, our extended family and friends. Eric starting baking within the past year and has been doing most of our cake decorations. We love being in the kitchen together and have lots of fun figuring out the flavor combinations, decorations and picture taking of our desserts!


Do you have a favorite baker?


I don't have an absolute favorite, but there are several that I love or am impressed by for different reasons. I really look up to my Father for his bread making talent and he has an excellent palette that I am always turning to when I try a new recipe. My Aunt Pat for her baking skills and for inspiring and mentoring me in the kitchen, plus she shares all the family recipe secrets with me. There are also several blogs that I follow and chefs on the Food Network that I absolutely adore like Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Ron Ben Israel.


Do you have any online sites or twitter?

Yes, we have a Facebook page and our very talented Sister In Law is currently working on our web design and we hope to launch our site very soon! www.littleonesweets.com


Anything about adoption you’d like people to know


Yes, families are not made by blood they are made by love.

Here is some of my Modern art
The new art is not up yet

Ipad and cell phone cases

cool cover

cool case from bebops

From Dizzy girl

Valentine Card