Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wish list

My wish List
1. To spend time with my husband and little ones
2. My mother in law is ill and I wish for a speedy recovery. I love her lots and lots. She raised a wonderful son and I think of her as Mom.
3. That my mom’s friend continues to improve after her accident
4. That people show lots of to Japan.
5. To teach my children well
6. To get some vintage clothes at thrift store.
7. To get more art supplies
8. To find some missing items of mine
9. To make more art

What do you wish for

My new abstract art :-)



Amazing butterflies

cat painting

vintage yogi

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I was able to do new whimsical designs today. I planned to abstracts but whimsical is what the heart wanted to do today.
Thankful list today

Zazzle finds

mmm hot dogs

Flower print

My slumber party

Stained glass shoes

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What art products are worth it? Luxury Art

Yesterday[s post was all about saving money on buying art as well as budget mother’s day gifts.
What money have you spent on your art that has been worth it? From spending on advertising, computer art programs, to easels,

1. What art program over $25 bucks can't you live without
2. What art tool do you own and love
3. Do you buy expensive paint or paper, easel?
4. Have you ever paid for advertising your art or artisan products?

To me my tablet was a needed expense because it helps me grow as an artist

Luxury art on Zazzle
If money is no object here is some luxery art on zazzle


Sky patches


Original of this print was hand drawn


Lovely tree


Save Money for Art-lovers, Mother's day gift ideas

Save Money for Art-lovers

Art can be expensive but if you’re on a budget and love art. Who doesn’t like to save money. I like to save money on some items and then spend the money on other things like computer parts or gifts for family. You don’t have to let a soft economy keep you from surrounding yourself with art.
1. Check to see if your local art museum has yearly passes if you plan to go to the art museum a lot.
2. Search for coupon codes for for your favorite artists. You can get further discounts by buying bulk. Inexpensive art items at zazzle include postcards, magnets, and stickers. You can customize many of these items turning something into a luxury item.
3. Yard-sells and thrift stores can have originals and prints at less expensive prices but it may involve time.
4. Etsy has expensive and not so expensive art prices search around for prints and originals. Etsy has a lot of homemade artisan items like soap and purses at much cheaper than designer prices if you look around.
5. Make your own art out of recycled pieces. Make sure the pieces are non toxic.
6. Join art clubs, or form art swaps to swap art for things like art, soap or clothes.
7. Food can be art and making your own food rather than buying a bunch of processed foods is cheaper and more expensive. Rice, lentils, bulk cheese, whole potatoes can be options.
8. Furniture doesn’t have to match if you’re going for an arty look. You just have to make sure items are not on recall lists.

Mother's day Gifts and cards from Zazzle All under $15 unless you upgrade

Lovely Mother's day card

For mom's who love whimsy: my art

For mother's who love abstract art



Coth Mom, emo "Creepy mom"

Cute bird

Yo mama!

Mother's love

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New comic, friday

Art by me: My happy layer cake:

Zazzle finds


My apple apron

Bird poster

DOG-lover case speckcase
DOG-lover case by EMUstar
Become a ipad affiliate at



Thankful Thursday

I was sad this morning and I didn’t think there was anything to be thankful for between the stuff in Japan, my mother’s friends accident, and other stresses
I realize I must find gratitude in something.
What am I thankful for?

I am thankful for the love I feel for my husband and children.
I am thankful my art got featured and that people were kind enough to check my art out
I am thankful for water
I am thankful for a hug
I am thankful when I get a nap in.
I am thankful for art and the ability to create

my latest kawaii a layer cake
My Happy Layer Cake shirt
My Happy Layer Cake by AbundanceLoveTrip
Browse other tees made on zazzle

My abstract: making Miles

zazzle finds

Bird shirt