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Changing up: The Fowlers

I was feeling a little down today my morning did not go all that great. People are to cruel to each other. There has been great acts of violence in this world. People have been suffering.

Then I heard about this from yahoo trending.

Carol and Willie Fowler's daughter Tamara was set to get married at the Villa Christina catering hall, when the wedding was called off 40 days before the event. The Fowlers were originally upset to hear that the lavish gathering they had planned and paid for was not going to happen. They had an inspired idea: They invited 200 of the city's homeless to feast on the four-course meal that would have been part of Tamara's wedding reception.

They turned heartbreak into joy for those in need. They got the lemons and didn't turn into lemonade for themselves but others.

Elizabeth Omilami the director of the homeless had first thought it was a prank because the gift was so generous.

I have a changing up week challenge do something nice it can be for people you know or people you don't. The good deeds do not have to cost any money but can if you wish them to. Write a list of good acts you can do. Pass it on and do a good turn


For date night my husband likes to cook for me. While we have gone to eat at more junk food fast food. My husband now makes better fries then most of these joints. I just wish one of the fast food places made hummus and baby carrots but it probably won't compare to my husband's. Once in a while we eat at chipotles . We used to do a lot of date nights there when we were first married there. There is a lot of nostalgia for me.

My husband likes Chipotles food. My kids will share a salad. I like they tell me what's in the food. I get some complaints that you can't really eat healthy at chipotles and that's a lie. If you avoid the giant wrap and their dressing your okay. The dressing has more calories then the sour cream. The sour cream is under 100. Go for either the salad bowl or the hard or soft tacos. Make sure you overload of veggies. Some offer brown rice instead of white.

Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day is coming up, sweetest day started out as a friendship day to give candy to children and those who can't get out but now its a fall romantic holiday. Its celebrated in October. If your sweeties never heard of this holiday it can be a surprise. You can do things like write a love poem or love letter if your not a poet. Since its not well known as valentine's day. You can add your own spin. Make cookies together, watch DVDS. If you want to buy a personalized card or mug pre order. Pre order all products are printed when purchased. Make sure you customize it. You could also use sweetest day to do nice things for people.

Art by me

Here are some of new stuff

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Kids Games and Crafts for Fall and Winter, Autumn Artwork Features

It's almost the end of summer and that always turns my thoughts to making things for the fall and winter season. Today I thought I would share with you a few cute articles and tutorials that will inspire you to make some fun things with your little ones.

Here is a fun game that is geared for Halloween but could be modified for any theme. It encourages kids to fine tune their motor skills. I found it on No Time for Flashcards which is a site that is filled with inspirational games and crafts for kids of all ages.

Here is another fun activity from this same site that will encourage your kids to go foraging outside as well as making a fun craft item for autumn. I'm thinking these could not only be used as place mats, but could also be hung as wonderful little works of art on the fridge.

I also came across this link on Pinterest that takes you to a list of over 75 Kid Approved Fun Activities that can be done anytime of the year. Now that link alone should keep you busy for quite a while being inspired with all the fun activities you can do with your little ones.  

Now for some Autumn inspired artwork.

Fall Maple Leaves Wedding Invitation
Fall Maple Leaves Wedding Invitation by wasootch
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The Branches of fall Round Stickers
The Branches of fall Round Stickers by loudesigns
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Rapture Abstract Landscape Tree Art Painting Print
Rapture Abstract Landscape Tree Art Painting Print by Itayasdesigns
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A Stroll In The Park Large Art Print Painting
A Stroll In The Park Large Art Print Painting by Itayasdesigns
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If you're living in a part of the country or world where it's still pretty warm, take heart as Autumn is almost here and that means cooler temps and lots of leaves to rake! Yaaaaayyyy!   :)


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Free PR Halloween Snacks so Easy, its spooky

Free pr Day if you have a zazzle, Etsy, Artfire shop or a children's book you can promote them in the comment section. G rated only please. No stars or Referral numbers please. You can mention up to 10 shops in a post if you have more please make another post.

I don't know if I am having a party for Halloween this year. You might be having a party. Okay my parties are just me and my kids usually. Though this year I might add my mother and sister to it. We will see. My husband likes to make real food when we invite people over, but I know not everyone has the time. When you don't have time to cook for your Party If you don't have the time to make a big spooky feast for your Halloween party here some fun and super easy ideas. The only thing easier would be hiring a caterer or just being a guest at someone else's party.
Have lots of fun. It's your party. Make sure they are foods you and your friends would want to eat. If you hate dip and none of your friends will touch it then you don't have to serve it. Make sure you have to keep all food properly at the right temperature. Even easily prepared food must be stored and handled right. If you don't have the time to make a big spooky feast for your Halloween party here some fun and super easy ideas. The only thing easier would be hiring a caterer or just being a guest at someone else's party.

Have lots of fun. It's your party. Make sure they are foods you and your friends would want to eat. If you hate dip and none of your friends will touch it then you don't have to serve it.

Make sure you have to keep all food properly at the right temperature. Even easily prepared food must be stored and handled right.

Halloween Party snack Ideas Hawaiian punch Hawaiian punch is tasty and a good shade of red. These need no mixing. You can also use Kool-Aid or flavor-aid drink mixes. The instructions are on the packages but you need sugar.Gummy WormsCandy shaped like worms might be just what you need. Just open package and place in a bowl. Some places sell gummy bugs as well. If you are vegetarian most of these contain gelatin from bones so read the package.

Salsa dip Put a block of cream cheese on a plate poor your favorite salsa and its done. Serve with your favorite chips.

Spooky cookie Platter Buy your favorite cookies and arrange them on a platter in spooky formations such as creepy faces, and monster. Will lose formation as soon as people start eating the cookies.

Spooky Soda Labels I saw Halloween themed soda labels for sale at dolor general but I am sure Wal-Mart will also have them. You can re-label your favorite sodas with spooky names. ( you might want to add a note card of what the sodas really are for any guest food allergies or soda preferences.

Baby carrots Properly wash and serve. Baby carrots are perfect by themselves or with a ranch and onion dip.

Creepy eyes Get a jar of creepy olives poor in a bowl and put a sign saying eye balls. Get some small tongs or toothpicks.

Grapes Sweet washed and slightly chilled grapes are perfect for any party.

Ideas Creepy Dip Add some food coloring to premade dips to give it an odd color like red green or purple. Serve with crackers and chips.

Halloween Candy bowl Buy some big bags of your favorite wrapped Halloween candy open them and poor them in a bowl.

Frozen Pizza Ghouls I make my own pizza dough but you don't have to. Buy some pepperoni and design a face on frozen cheese pizzas. (Follow cooking instructions on box) and serve. If you are too busy you can always order pizza.

Sandwich Station Put some rolls, and a section of cheeses, vegetables vegan chesses and or lunch meats. Have some mustard and other sandwich condiments. Let people make their own sandwiches. A salad bar could be done, or a pie bar.

Vanilla pudding Mix With a little food die vanilla pudding could be made into a whole bunch of different colors. (If you have guests who don't like food coloring you could also search for natural food coloring on the internet or call your local health food store.

Check if their are any local bakeries who do seasonal cupcakes and donuts like pumpkin. The creepy boy tote bag
The creepy boy tote bag by loudesigns
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The Creepy Heart Girl Canvas Bags by loudesigns
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Halloween Lobster Tote Bag by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Halloween Lobster Princess Canvas Bag by AbundanceLoveTrip
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The Happy, Jolly Roger Bag by loudesigns
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


            We are doing a special today for the lives lost in 2001. 

             Tell someone you love them.
             Hug your family.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reusable Halloween Costumes

Reusable Halloween Costumes

September so Halloween is coming up. I stopped trick or treating when I was 12 but I still dress up. I still dress up. Christmas is my favorite holiday but Halloween is fun now my little ones are a bit older. I love going to Halloween parties

Now that I am a mom I like a cute or kawaii style Halloween. My plans this Halloween include pumpkin donuts and an elaborate costume that will take months to put together. Dual Purpose Halloween Costume

Instead of just buying or making a cool Halloween costume you'll just use once. Why not choose a dual purpose Halloween costume that you could use throughout the year by not putting Halloween make up to go with it. This is just a practical way to dress up for Halloween.

Ask your kid for a doll and you have homemaker costume. Add vampire teeth and you are a vampire homemaker or put on a chef's hat and you're a baker.

Bakers and chef

Cupcake shop Apron
Cupcake shop Apron by AbundanceLoveTrip
More Kawaii Aprons My Happy Layer Cake apron
My Happy Layer Cake by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Put Your hair in pig tails and carry a fake glass of lemonade

Lemonade Stand apron
Lemonade Stand by AbundanceLoveTrip
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With make up this can be a good zombie costume just avoid people who might think your a real zombie when your eating a burger on saterday.

Character's Welcome shirt
Character's Welcome by loudesigns
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Vampire Éclair iPhone 5 Covers
Vampire Éclair iPhone 5 Covers by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Halloween Zombie Galaxy S4 Covers
Halloween Zombie Galaxy S4 Covers by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Arts by friends

Creepy Halloween Post Cards
Creepy Halloween Post Cards by loudesigns
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