Saturday, August 16, 2014

Turning Old Furniture into Something New.

Painting and distressing old tired furniture can give your house a entirely new look. You can have a big change for a lot less money than buying something new. This dresser was three hundred dollars in the store, but if you have a dresser that isn't worth much money, you could do something like this. You could prime, work out a pattern with painter's tape and then paint. After you have painted all your layers, allow to fully dry and then use sandpaper to ruff up the edges a bit for a worn antique look. Another helpful hint is to find a picture of what you would like to recreate in the store. You could also use the photo to help decorate after you are finished with your project. Many higher end furniture stores have staggers to make the store look it's best.
This is one of those pressed cardboard put together yourself media cases. First of clean and dry, ruff it up a little and then prime and paint. I then used mod podge and fancy Christmas wrapping paper bought for half price at walmart and after everything was dry I replaced the knobs with better looking ones I bought at a yard sale. This entire updated look was less than 10 dollars. This photo is from Wikipedia. One last idea to use mod podge and old letters or fake old letters and over your dresser. You cold even use pages from a favorite book that is in bad condition.