Friday, July 15, 2011

Journey At Home

Journey At Home
There are lots of books about people finding themselves through expensive world travel. That would be so much fun. Then I thought wouldn’t be cool if I made paradise right here where I am now.
I know who I am. I also know the person I want to be. If you want to you can join in the home journey no matter where in the world you are. It can be done on most budgets.
Things I have done or started
1. Praying more.
2. Putting rechargeable batteries in my fireless candles. These candles are amazing, they are scented and made with real wax. I have children and don’t want candles knocked over.
3. When and if I go out to eat going for more things I haven’t tried unless what I have tried is simply spectacular.
4. Meditating a little each day.
5. Do secret giving.
6. Buying spices to make meals at home. I bought some reasonably priced spices at an Indian Grocery. Even cheap spices from a Dollar store can make food taste better.
7. Walk more even if it’s walking in my apartment, or to the store.
8. Lift small weights or rather something that look like weights
9. Go on treasure hunts in my own home to discover things I should use or set free.

1. Love my family with all my heart. 2. Discover new tastes, treasure 3. Create the life I want now with the people I love.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Leapster 2

I bought a Leapster 2 to entertain my oldest in the hospital waiting room.
I thought of getting a Nintendo DS but the Leapster2 was educational, cheaper, and I’d be too worried of breaking of a DS. DS might work maybe in a few years for me and my oldest.
I cannot wait till my husband is all better.
I have been working on a new project to bring joy to my family and to others.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Mad Mad Princess:

I drew this inspired by the art of my child

My two princesses were smiles all day. I tried to keep them happy even though I was going through some hard couple of weeks.
In the hospital waiting room (my almost 4) princess colored. She loves to color.
She drew what looked like a princess in the hospital but the face was that of a monster.
I asked her “Is that a fairy princess or a monster?”
“A fairy princess” she then added wings. “She’s angry”
“why is she angry?” I asked
“Because she can’t see her daddy.”
My husband has been in the hospital for several weeks. His operation we had a month ago went wrong and there grew an infection. Mom (Mom in law) and I were taking turns to see John but children not permitted.
My children were finally able to see dad the next day.
My husband has another operation later this week if the infection is gone. He uses a medical pump to be able to walk without severe pain.

Nothing makes you feel richer than giving

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Social Media Tips, Free promotion Day: Abundance Tip:

Social Media Tips
Twitter, facebook and your blog is not private. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want people to actually see.

Free promotion Day:
Free ads in the comment section for your Zazzle shop
1. PG and G products only
2. Art, photos, vintage, abstract,
3. Do not put your referral number or the star just a link to your shop
4. You can put as many shops as you’d like
want fun kawaii or award winning abstract art then check out abundancelovetrip on zazzle.

Abundance Tip:
Abundance is not what you have but you give.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nine Tips About Abundance

Had a rough couple of weeks but it makes me realize more than ever to be thankful for my family

Nine Tips About Abundance
1. That bad things happen to Everyone, there is enough suffering to go around
2. That everyone should have a thank you or gratitude list
3. That even negative thoughts have a purpose if used for creativity and what if
4. That giving often leads to more abundance. Being charitable leads to happiness which leads to more abundance for the giver.
5. That Jim Carrey didn’t just write the magic check he wanted and shove it in pocket. He worked for his success the check was a goal reminder.
6. Clutter is not wealth or abundance.
7. Hugs are abundance
8. Asking for things is not passive dreaming.
9. A person who earns less can have more than they want out of life than someone who is famous or wealthy. If you want to be a stay at home parent and do so successfully you can have abundance without a paycheck.

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