Saturday, August 29, 2020

Why I Quit Acting: My big regret

   Everyone has things they regret.  What is your biggest regret?  I do not regret quitting acting. What a lot of people don't know about me is that I once wanted to be a stage actress and a writer.  I did become a published writer. I got my first professional acting gig when I was 21 turning 22.  I'm talking about this because I honestly feel bad about my first and only acting job.  No one knows this about me except myself and my family.    I really needed the money, and loved meeting other working actors. Most of the cast were very kind.  I never knew what I was in for when I showed up. I was accepted on the spot.  I was nice to everyone but hated the production and asked a lot of questions.  I found it offensive, poorly written, and historically incorrect and was given a part I had no right to play but I still performed until the end of the season.  There was also sexual harassment that went on in that production with one of the leads which he directed at several of my coworkers.   He would even say uncomfortable things to me though I wasn't his 'target' and even tried to bring strippers to a work party.    I realized that I wasn't good enough for the off-broadway musical productions I really wanted to be in that I could only get jobs that were like this.  The Theater acting had lost any joy for me.   One day I might want to return to musical theater, but take the advice of my drama teacher who told us there were more jobs in the crew.  As a subtly disabled woman from the USA..  I have no problem with people who are without disabilities who portray people like me on the screen.  I just don't feel taking those types of roles are right for me.   I am not judging what other actors choose to do.  

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Free Book and Art Proms "Mega Promotion"

I am offering mega free promotion

My sister started her own publishing company. The Real Prince Club Publising and she has three titles out now. Furry Galaxy 75: Pandora's Box by Van Hill Millvele is now on sale for .99 cents.

To Celebrate her ebook launches. I am offering other authours to post about their books, ebooks, and art.

All you need to do is post about your book or art in the comment section. No Books over pg13. Books ebooks, art, audio books can be any price. They can be cooking, books, romance, science fiction, mystery, children's, YA, graphic novels, coloring books. I perfer clean or fluffy tittles. Aka books with hout swearing or sex scenes. If you have thirty books you can promote thirty. You might want to split those into three or four posts.

artists promote your Zazzle, redbubble, or Diviant art. Also in your post tell us about who you are and about your fiction." If you have any book deals tell us.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Reasons to Quit Netflix I

Reasons to Quit Netflix<P>
Ask a Zombie Housewife<P>

 I used to love Netflix but quit last year in a fit of anger.
 1. You can get streaming services cheaper, Hulu and Disney plus are cheaper.  If you want a package for adults and family, the Hulu Disney plus package is an amazing deal. Right now we are doing just Disney Plus.  Our favorite Hulu show is on hiatus for a year so we might buy it again when it is back on the air. We only did Hulu for a year because we decided to quite netflix a year early. Youtube is free. the college station BYU TV streams for free has shockingly good shows like Studio C, Showoffs, and Random Acts.  <P>
2. Red band trailers on youtube.  My first angry issue is the red band trailer the Babysitter in my recommended movie trailers.  I had thought it was a children's movie. I didn't need to put my youtube on restricted mode before that because we knew what content to avoid. Just because I watch forensic files every once in a while does not mean I want to see <P>
3. Not giving good shows an ending. I quickly fell in love with the Good Cop and Netflix should have at least given us three more shows to tie it all together. Nothing is worse than a channel that doesn't give you an ending.  (This why I quit net flix.) <P>
  4. Not enough family-friendly content that is not children's shows. Family-friendly is not the same as a kid's show.   Amazon prime doesn't have enough family-friendly content, but I do Amazon Prime for packages and music, not for movies.   Their shows are a bonus and they have a few shows I like.<P>

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

update, Promote your Ebook for Free


I have been busy lately updating a new website, working on a new old book series. My book was written in late 2000 and early 2001. My publisher and I parted ways and I am rewriting the book. I have decided I am not having Halloween party this year. We are going to be doing a home-based fall activity like making candy apples or making cider.

Post your ebook add in the comment section. This is a free service I give to authors I am doing this because ebook promotion can be expensive and I never really forgot what it was like when all the PR seemed out of reach for me.

1. The ebook must be $5 AND UNDER unless it is from a major publisher.

2. No porn or erotica, please.

3. A link to your book that is on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, or Hoopla.

4. You do not need reviews yet. Some writers are untested. If you do have a review of your post it.

5. Do not add a link to any book reviews that you paid for in your promotion.

6. Ebook types that work best for my audience, YA, middle-grade reader, self-help, nonfiction graphic novels, clean romance, cozy mystery, clean sci-fi.

7. A series of ebooks should be in one post but if it is a separate series that can go in another post.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July

In the States, we celebrate the fourth of July I am spending time with my little family today just hanging out. We also plan to work on our creative projects, eat good food, play app games today and maybe watch a movie. Our internet went down and I found old stories looking for a movie. I have been working on a book, but I also need to work on my herb garden.


Friday, March 22, 2019


Kind words
If Kindness and respect were currency would you be rich Kindness isn't being a doormat I show my children kindness by giving them chores Chores improve their ability and give them self worth Today are world is filled with shows with people yelling at each other
One side is right and one side is wrong 
People aren't evil because they don't keep the perfect house
or don't vote your your Candide


Have you said anything kind today to someone you love?
Has what you said will hurt people's feelings
Give a complement that you mean