Thursday, February 25, 2016

thankfullist, sugarhai interview

thankful list

prayer, god, husband, kids, water, sleep, hot chocolate, art, cartoons, play dough, weights, paints, canvas, books, lemon pie, baking, walking.

Name: sugarhai

ASKAZOMBIE What's your favorite cartoon?

The Last Unicorn ASKAZOMBIE Who is your favorite artist?

That's hard to say, I like everything from Andy Warhol to Lisa Frank. If I look at an image and it makes me feel happy or inspired then I like that art, and it can be the Mona Lisa, or a child's drawing, or a greeting card at a convenience store. ASKAZOMBIE What influences your art?

Caffeine mostly, my work centers around cute or funny visuals and my head spins with ideas after my morning coffee, one time I thought of so many popsicle puns at once that I almost passed out. Websites to buy your art. What is your favorite baked good?

The German chocolate cake that my gramma used to make, and her chocolate chip cookies.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016