Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weird but Cool Birthday Gifts 2

Weird but Cool Birthday Gifts

Not all weird gifts are bad sometimes they are educational, cool and just plain fun. One of my fondest memories was getting sea monkeys I had wanted for years for Christmas. One of my best birthday gifts was video games from my husband with the consol. (Okay that was more cool than weird.) They weren't singing or dancing but they were real sea creatures and that was amazing. I loved feeding them and seeing them swim in their little plastic tank.

What odd gifts do you like? What odd gifts did you think are just odd?

Gift ideas

1. Sea monkeys

2. Candy

3. (this shop has a lot of cool geeky items)

4. Gift basket from

5. Favorite old fashioned candy

My art

Super Smart Dinner Plate
Super Smart Dinner Plate by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Zombie Binder
Zombie Binder by loudesigns
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Projection Messenger Tote Bag Commuter Bags
Projection Messenger Tote Bag Commuter Bags by Itayasdesigns
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Having Fun With Summer Crafts and Featured Summertime Art

Hello Everyone and Happy Almost Summer! Here in the Pacific NW we're still having cooler than normal temps. I know that in the next several days however that things will probably start to warm up. Many of you are already having loads of hot weather and are probably looking for ways to keep the kiddies entertained now that school is out. I've gathered a few fun crafts that you can do with them and they shouldn't cost very much at all!

Coloring on Hot Rocks

I found the hot rocks coloring idea at the Eighteen25 Blog with their feature of this fun summer craft. Hop over and check it out! I don't know why I hadn't thought of this very simple and creative idea myself.

Googly Eyed Snake Creatures

If you're into recycling with your craft supplies, this Googly Eyes Snake Creatures project will definitely keep you and your kiddies entertained. There are lots of kiddie craft projects on the Eighteen25 blog so definitely check them out if you need inspiration.

And now, our featured summer fun artistic designs!

Beach Ball Bash Shirt
Beach Ball Bash Shirt by loudesigns
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Pansy Bouquet - Women's Shirt - White
Pansy Bouquet - Women's Shirt - White by Itayasdesigns
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Please join me in sending well wishes out to Val and her family (THE ZombieHousewife of this blog!) as they are moving to their new home. Enjoy your new home dear Val!

I hope you all have lots of fun plans for the summer and that the sun is not burning too hot so that you can get out and have fun! 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Inexpensive but creative Gifts, thankful, Featured Artist Bepops Place

Free add day post an ad for G rated zazzle shops, kids books/ebooks, cookbook. g rated etsy. Just posy your advertisement in the comment section. No referral numbers, or stars. Up 10 15 store links.

Inexpensive but creative Gifts

Creative gifts do not have to cost an arm and an a leg. Make your own gift baskets. Personalized gift baskets can be a lot cheaper than buying the premade kinds. Baskets often go sale after Easter. You can fill it with favorite fruit, snacks, candies, stickers, books, or it can be filled with favorite bath products. I have done this when I was really low on cash. If you're going to re-gift make sure it is things the person would actually like. I had bought a cool TV game for a gift and the family member didn't want it so I gave it with a couple other free and super cheap items to my sister. She mentioned she wanted the game. When she saw her gifts. She yelled out. "Finally some actually cared and gave me good gifts." She knew the items were regifted but she also knew that I actually only filled the bag with things she was interested in. Customized cards and gifts. Many people have trouble finding products with unusual names. With many of their products including lower cost items such as cards. Kindle books can be sent as gifts to an email. Many kindle books are under $4 don't need rapping. You don't need a kindle to read them. They can be read on PC and Ipad as well. They don't need to be wrapped.

Cards and postcards all under $10

Happy Birthday Aunt card
Happy Birthday Aunt by AbundanceLoveTrip
Browse other Aunt Cards Happy Birthday: Dinosaur card
Happy Birthday: Dinosaur by AbundanceLoveTrip
Become a part of Zazzle's artist affiliate program Happy Birthday Heart card
Happy Birthday Heart by AbundanceLoveTrip
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inexpensive Abstract prints on Photo Paper

Gather Up All 8389.A Photographic Print
Gather Up All 8389.A Photographic Print by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Blue night sky 32.2 photograph
Blue night sky 32.2 photograph by AbundanceLoveTrip
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I am working on gratitude By filling my mind with better more uplifting entertainment and music. I am thankful for my family to be able to create art. Featured Bebop's Place!

Bebop has a passion for the natural world. The shop promotes Bepops original photography and designs on cards and gifts I visually heard of this shop before but truly discovered this shop with my zazzle referral lens. I like it when others promote me but I also like to share and help people discover I went through Bepops shop and decided to promote some Photographic art and desings I liked. Photographs are indeed true art.

Blueberry Muffins print
Blueberry Muffins by Bebops
Browse Muffin Posters Poppy print
Poppy by Bebops
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Wooden Carving by Bebops
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Dahlia by Bebops
View other Albums Binders Chopsticks binder
Chopsticks by Bebops
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Pink Poppy Petals by Bebops
Make your own digital canvas prints Mystical Moon wrappedcanvas
Mystical Moon by Bebops
See other Moonlight Canvas Prints Pastel Impressions wrappedcanvas
Pastel Impressions by Bebops
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Cheap Summer Treats

heda ontbijt met krab plate
heda ontbijt met krab plate by loudesigns
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I am the resident cheap girl on this blog and this week I would like to tell you where and when to get your cheap summer treats. There are a few places and restaurants offering deals this summer, but do they all stack up to each? I love the dollar drinks at Taco Bell, but they are only available for that price from 2-5 pm each day. My favorite is the Ice Pink Lemonade is my favorite, but they have five or six different drinks to choose from. Mcdonalds and Burger King both have 50 cent soft serve cones this summer, after sampling the one at Burger King I must say they both taste pretty much the same. I don't actually frequent Mcdonalds, because the grease they use makes me ill and lets just leave it at that. The cone I received at Burger King appeared to be twice the size as the one on the mcdonald's adds and would be well worth a dollar or more. Taco Bell always has good deals and not just in the summertime, when I want a cheap meal that won't add too much to my bottom line. They have meals for 2.39, consist of a drink, your choice of four different tacos and a bag of chips. If you get the number three and a diet soda, it only has 450 calories. Treats at home are also great and good way to save money. We don't eat chips at home, we make popcorn with our Presto Maker and use coconut oil and sea salt to make it healthier. You can also make your own chips in the microwave, using a good slicer, spray oil and your own blend of spices. You place your sliced and sprayed chips on cooking parchment paper and cook them for 4 to 5 minutes or until slightly brown and crispy.
Movie Night Postcards
Movie Night Postcards by loudesigns
Add your photo to postcard designs from Zazzle.
I would love to hear about the cheap treats you enjoy with your family at home.

Nerdy Cool

Geeks and nerds are the new cool. When I was 12 I wanted to be a nerd. I wanted to date a guy in the audio visual club who knew how to use a computer. I was a nerd poser, but I found the man of my dreams. I described this dream man to my mom who told me he didn't exist. Years later she met my future husband. She smiled at me and told me she was wrong that he does exist. When he was 12 my future husband was a member of the audio visual club.

Are you a secret nerd?

My Happy Calculator Tees
My Happy Calculator Tees by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Bacteria Family print
Bacteria Family by prawny
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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blonde Blythe is the Featured Artist

Had a lovely day going out with my family. Need to do more of that.

Free PR Day. Advertise your G rated art, cookbooks, kidsbooks, etsy and artfire crafts. Place your ad in comment section. You can advertise up to 15 stores. No political products please. Though eco friendly stores are welcome. Please do not add a star or referral number to your stores.

Blonde Blythe is the Featured Artist

When I was a child I was haunted by those little orphan Annie of why her big eyes didn't have any eyeballs as a child. I also saw a lot of big eyed art. I wondered who painted these prints I saw everywhere. I drew childlike doodles with big eyes. When I was an adult I found out about Margret Kean all of her imitators during my childhood Blythe dolls and the modern artists such as myself who are directly or indirectly inspired by her work. This big called big eyed art. One of my absolute favorite Big Eyed artists is Blonde_Blythe. Blonde_Blythe work is amazing there is whimsy, joy and pathos shown at the same time which is the mark of well done Big Eyed art. Her work can go into the fantastic and sureal.

Snow White & the Animals iPad Case speckcase
Snow White & the Animals iPad Case by Blonde_Blythe
More iphone cases Snow White Christmas Card card
Snow White Christmas Card by Blonde_Blythe
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The Wishing Well Poster by Blonde_Blythe
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Astro Petunia Fairy Print by Blonde_Blythe
View other Fairy Posters Jewel Fairy Poster print
Jewel Fairy Poster by Blonde_Blythe
View other Fairy Posters Alice in Wonderland and the Flamingoes print
Alice in Wonderland and the Flamingoes by Blonde_Blythe
Browse Alice in wonderland Posters Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat Poster print
Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat Poster by Blonde_Blythe
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My art

Big Eyed Angel Pitcher
Big Eyed Angel Pitcher by AbundanceLoveTrip
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My Happy Calculator Aprons
My Happy Calculator Aprons by AbundanceLoveTrip
Browse Calculator Aprons Narwhal and the Space cupcake sticker
Narwhal and the Space cupcake by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Thirst for the Morning An Abstract by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Reaching Beyond abstract 5.51.5 by AbundanceLoveTrip
Browse Art Canvas Prints Relaxing ABSTRACT MODERN ART 75.42
Relaxing ABSTRACT MODERN ART 75.42 by AbundanceLoveTrip
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