Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday, New art Promoting PZ Designs

PZ Designs
Today I am Promoting PZ Designs from Zazzle going to show off some of my new art and do a thank you.

My new Art

ThankFul Thursday

Do you have one thing you are thankful for? Can you build on that one thing?

PZdesings is kind and I will showcase the artits work.


Retro chic


Like this

cute and cool

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Itaya day :-)

Some of my new art and I am promtoting the art of my good online friend tayasdesigns today. She is kind and an amazing artist,

My art

itayasdesigns Day
All this art is Itayas

A lovely happy birthday card

This one I can see abstract and the real forms very good

One of her amazing trees
Cool abstract

I love this canvas print

Just amazing

I love this one I keep thinking fairies will pop up any second

Very lovely invites

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Featured Abstract, thankful list, New Art, Zazzle Finds

I didn’t post the rest zazzle actually featured two of my prints. This is my second print.

My art is called unakeake

Thankful List
Spirtual growth
Diet caffine free soda
back rubs from my husband

This is some of New Art.

This one is a bit older

Zazzle Finds
Here is some cool stuff found on zazzle

sweet flowers


Also Groovy


Cute and Gothy

Cute pink Vampire Bat


stunning photo

Amazing painting

Monday, September 26, 2011


Thankful Monday
People who read this blog regularly no that I am not a regular zombie housewife.
I am a free thinking, creative, and just a bit odd. Actually Ask a Zombie house wife is the name of my sometime comic strip. But besides the comic strips, the abstract art, the being a wife and mother.
I am also a person who wants to grow gratitude much you would grow a garden.
How do you grow your thankful garden. Do you write what your thankful for?
Do you tell people you are thankful? Do you draw art when you are thankful?

This is my latest Abstract

This abstract of mine I featured on my blog before just got promoted
by zazzle which so rocks that someone at zazzle put it as a featured abstract.

Zazzle Finds

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

educational supplies, won a TBA

Bought educational supplies. Some reduced summer chalk for abc practice. I got a writing workbook. I got computer paper, post it notes, and washable crayons. Mini notebooks for chore chart. There was a board game I really wanted but I will get it next time.

I reworked some products yesterday and last night I noticed I got a TBA for one of them. TBA are daily awards put out by zazzle for those who don't know.

Zazzle Finds

Jelly Beans! mousepad
Jelly Beans! by Softproduct
View a different mousemat on zazzle

Bead Crazy shirt
Bead Crazy by pinkinkart
Browse other t-shirt designs made on

Sunday, September 11, 2011


A moment of silence this 9/11 for all those who died, for those who lived, for those who died saving others, for those who lost family members, for the firefighters and police offers who worked hard to restore New York City.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doctor Who, New zazzle Canvas

Had family fun over the weekend

Doctor Who

I grew up whatching Dr. and Star trek
I am a sci-Fi geek.

My sisters and I would put laundry baskets on our heads pretending to be Dalek’s.
We’d scream. “Exterminate, Exterminate.”

I also wish the BBC books were still open to unsolicited manuscripts. I will admit I would love to write a book of short stories for the six doctor. Colin baker was miss treated in his stint of the Dr.

I enjoyed the 9th and ten doctors a lot, but what’s with Doctor Who writers killing off most of the time Lords?

How could they kill off Susan and Ramona? How can the Doctor not tell his daughter Jenny is alive? He’s supposed to be able to feel another time lord’s presence even one generated like her.

Is Ramona disguised as human is she stuck in utopia or could they not get the rights to her character.
Why other time lords are needed.

1. Spin offs we need more
2. So the doctor charcture won’t be so lonely but the joyful traveler once again.
3. They could still give the doctor more generations without having to kill everyone else.

Zazzle has canvas prints now
I had a blast making these over the last few days.

Zazzle Finds