Monday, September 17, 2012

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I didn't feel like cleaning the other day. I realized lots of things had had a place and that place was the trash. I made friends with Mr. Trashcan. and Ms. Recycling bin.

I designed some paper dolls for my girls over the weekend. I hope to print up for them so they can cut them out. I still need to make food for them. I just noticed there not a lot of modestly dressed cool dolls out there and as cartoonist/abstract artist its my job to make them for my girls. Girls can still be girls and feminine without having to wear skimpy clothing.

Free advertisement day Post about your Zazzle, Etsy, "amazon children's book" or Bonanza shops. Just post an advertisement about any of your stores in the comment section of my blog. You could advertise one store or 15. G shops. For Zazzle sellers please no stars or RF numbers after your links. . I want to help independent artist, sellers as well as children book writers.

My new cell phone covers for Iphone5 "iphone 5"

These are some products for writers I made with my art

I write Books 12290
I write Books 12290 by AbundanceLoveTrip
Design your own personal coffee mugs online at Zazzle.

Some of my other art

Other art by other artists

this is by my sister

Charging up your Writers Life

I started out my career as a gothic fantasy writer and poet then switched gears to children’s self help fiction. I don’t write as much now because I am a slow editor and can take me years to edit the grammar mistakes out of one novel. I never made that much money. I was only ever internet famous, but I had a blast. I decided to become mostly an artist. I do still write the occasional fiction and nonfiction.

I have tons of stories from my life as a writer. One time I was stalked by grocery store employees as a happily wrote a scary story down. The manger finally yelled at me and asked what I was doing.

I stammered “I was just writing a story.” Apparently they were at war with another store who was price checking to lower their own prices. I do have some tips from my writing life as well.

1. Use a mug or water bottle instead of paper cups if you need to drink. Expensive bottled water is usually just filtered tap. So get a water filter if you need to and enjoy the savings. You can use the money for stamps and supplies. You can also store some water for emergencies, but filtered tap water is usually fine for drinking.

2. Just write: it doesn’t matter if you’re not the most famous writer in the world what matters if you write. You can never be published if you don’t write. You can never get your thoughts from your head to the readers if you don’t write.

3. Set a time to write. Books have gotten written on bus stops at work. Do you have just ten minutes a day then you can be a writer.

4. Don’t be grudge your writing friend’s success, celebrate with them.

5. Keep a dream journal buy your bed. Your dreams can be great sources of your writing.

6. You will never be a great children’s writer if you don’t read children’s fiction. You will never be a great science fiction writer if you don’t enjoy science fiction. If you read mainstream literature then you should write mainstream literature.

7. Just because its genre doesn’t mean it’s bad. Genre fiction can hide deep meaning behind it such as war, and poverty. Genre fiction and fine literature don’t have to be separate.

8. When promoting your work use the library to look books on self promotion. I found one book on promotion that loved and quickly bought. Another book on promotion I almost bought in the bookstore, but when I checked it out and read it I found out it had little use except for a few heads of marketing.

9. You will get rejected. I remember getting four rejections in one day. I was so discouraged, but then I got a few really good acceptances.

10. Have fun. Writing should be fun.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012