Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Little Art People, Simple Change For Good

Outward success is not fulfillment

Happy Little Art People

Fostering art for children By Valerie of abundancelovetrip

Creating art can be fun for children. Not all children will be great at drawing. They might love gluing and collages? They might like photography. Make art with your child even if its just with crayons?

Art can be cartoons? Art can be funny, sad and pretty. Have your child make holiday or decorations instead of just buying them.

Simple Change For Good

There are a lot of simple ways you can do social change. You can mix and match.

1. Buy more chickpeas and hummus. This might sound odd but chickpeas give former Tabaco farmers an alternative income. More chickpeas mean less smoking. Chickpeas are tasty and healthy and a simple way to elevate your diet.

2. Shop at a charity thrift store. You can save money but also your being greener, and helping charity. Some thrift stores have better sales than others.

3. Exercise more:If you cannot get a full half hour or hour in do 5 minutes at a time. A couple 5 minutes in a day can add up. 4. Go to the library: The library is paid with your tax dollars so use it. There are more books at a library. You can rent free movies, audio tapes, music. You can read magazines.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Alternatives to Big Children's birthday Parties For any budget

Alternatives to Big Children's birthday Parties

For any budget

Many of the ideas here are under $10 the more expensive ones can range in the hundreds, and a couple in the thousands. I wanted to showcase a wide range of budgets.

I find throwing big children's parties super stressful. I could spend the money on something more enjoyable for my child. Don't get me wrong I love birthdays and making my kids feel special and loved. There is a lot of reasons not to have a huge party. You could take the family on a small vacation for the price of some of these birthday packages. If you have the money and will not be in debt its okay to spend it on your kids.

If you want to buy a bakery cake and can afford so do so. I like to make cakes from scratch but if you want to avoid baking go buy from a bakery. If you want to get one of those shaped massive cakes from a specialty bakery and have money you can do so.

1. See if your school allows birthday snacks or treats that way the whole class can be invited. Store bought cookies are popular but I am limited to some brands due to allergies. But the cookies and stickers cost me less than $5 all together. Treats don't have to be edible either they can be stickers, book marks, board books, paper backs. This way every child is included and not left out.

2. Have a small party with a limited guest list. I did this and invited three people to a party who I knew would show up. I made a cake from scratch and bought junk food from dollar general. If no one would show up I would be out $8 or $10 if you don't count the cake. I was told it was the best party ever.

3.Take your kids out to eat for their birthday with a list of choices. This year the birthday child picked a cheaper option than the more expensive restaurant. If you are really strapped for cash a picnic might work.

4. If you really want the big party but can't afford it be creative. Do not ask your guests to pay for their own food or entertainment. Your guests might not be able to afford to pay for the expense or maybe working off paying debts. You could also opt to make cheap meal like spaghetti. DVDS you already own or borrow from the library can be your entertainment. Pot lucks are okay if your in a pot luck friendly community, but provide the cake and drinks, and entertainment.

5. Get a few good gifts. Your child doesn't need a 10001 gifts but a few really fun gifts are great. Too many gifts can be stressful for a child to open.

10. Do a fun family activity give your child an option. If they would love to go to a spa, while pricey would be a fun outing with one or two family members. If they love comics a trip to the comic store with a set amount to spend. If they love the science center a trip might be in order. If they love to cook with you maybe a special shopping trip. If your kid is a reader take them to a bookstore.

11. As stated before a small or weekend vacation can cost the same price as some children's birthday parties. If you have the money for the party why not offer a destination birthday vacation for an older child instead of a party.

You can still do gift bags even if the only guests are your kids, spouse and maybe grandparents. You can personalize them with their favorite snacks.

You can make a birthday gift basket for under $10 by reusing a Easter basket, or a gift bag. You can fill it with cheap treats from a discount store, fresh fruit

Check to see if your local museum or zoo has a free day close to your child's birthday. As an added gift You can give your child $5 or $10 to spend in the museum. cost $5 to $10.

make your child a personalized card. If your crafty you can make it yourself with scrap paper but for under $5 you can make a personalized professional Birthday card at You can personalize Disney products.

Birthday cards and Birthday Postcards

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