Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A giant Cherpumple cake pie monster from scartch oh my Now I feel lazy.
The cherpumple is a monster cake pie that’s been sweeping the nation.
Its three pies cooked into three cake batters and frosted.
I need to make a cherpumple or at least a pumple.


Now Mr. Phonex brings you the Amazing Astro-Weenie Christmas tree
I want to make this too.
I wonder if there is another option other than the foam cone?


The Zombie Housewife


Retro and cool

mmmm sweet art

I like the look of this blue retro art

yummy looking!

Very well done
Bow on Top Mousepad mousepad
Bow on Top Mousepad by Wiles44
View more mousemats on zazzle

So sweet! Love it.

Zombies are People Too

Zombies are People Too

We live among you and as long as we’re free from the shackles of the
zombie master we’re okay blokes. We have thoughts and feelings. I dislike zombie hordes because they crowded and chaotic.

I am trying to find an old brownie recipe I invented when I didn’t have the apple sauce needed but I can’t find it. If I find I will post it.

Funny and cute veggie zombie shirt

Such a cute cow, love this.

Why hasn’t this cute pirate one a TBA it rocks.

This artist always puts out some great stuff

Amazing, like going to another world

This TBA winner looks fun

for those who love there moms

TBA winner very nice

wow, I love the art on this skate Board

This is groovy

Cool Tree

Monday, November 29, 2010


What makes you feel a glow

To me it’s my husband, little ones, and cute, Or amazing art.
I like kawaii, cute, impressionism, and classic.

Sending everybody Zombie Hugs

This one is just cute

This is so cool

It glows, it rocks

Childlike Flowers

This is so well done the cats look lovely.

Cute and gothy

Sweet little birds

This tree glows I love it very cute

This artist is as sweet as her work just rocks

This one has a crisp silver glow

cute dolly and little girl
My Dolly and Me postcard
My Dolly and Me by gloryt
make postcard designs on zazzle.com

Very cute owl

The disco pig is funny and cute
Disco pig envelope
Disco pig by JellyRollDesigns
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Free Advertisement Day,Kitchen Gear Tips

Free Advertisement Day for Zazzle Artists

1. Put your zazzle Advertisement in the comments section of this post.
2. PG, G shops preferred.
3. It can be a shop url or a few pargraphs of why your store is so cool.

Kitchen Gear Tips
I took my husband to a restaurant supply store for an early Christmas present.
I used the money I earned from zazzle so it was lot of fun. The products that are more expensive in a restaurant supply store are usually much higher quality. There are also kitchen gear that are much cheaper than the kitchen stores at the mall.

Gentoo Penguin Greetings Card card
Gentoo Penguin Greetings Card by Coconutzoo
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Had a lovely Thanksgiving with my husband and his brother's family.
It was a fun day. The little ones loved it.

I kept with my plan and slept in and did no shopping outside the home today.

We bought a play Kitchen Online today.
Today my husband and I finally decided on the play kitchen we want for our little ones and I thought of wood but the plastic one looked stronger and had a lot more positive reviews plus I’ve seen this kitchen set up. I am not against all plastic.
I'm not for plastic number 3, foam plastic or the plastic that has BPA in it.

I can’t decide what to send for my youngest sister Lou but I have a few ideas, maybe too many ideas. :-)

What are you getting your friends and Family

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

That’s a whole lot of Pie

My husband makes his lemon pies from scratch he’s getting quite good at them and they are a full of deliciousness. His pies are for Birthdays and Hoildays.

I found this not so quite but oddly impressive but scary pie called “Monster Pie” which is made from three different pies and three different boxes of cake.