Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Making Yoga fun for kids and Adults

Making Yoga fun for kids and Adults

I didn't enjoy yoga as a kid because it wasn't made relatable to me. I thought all yoga was, was painful stretching. I am not the most coordinated and I can try. I can move. Exercise of any kind should be fun and relatable. Exercise shouldn't be about weight loss but overall health. It should be relatable to not only children but adults as well.

Write a list of the exercise you want to do and the benefits. Do a 5 day challenge, a 10 day challenge. You can start small. You don't need 30 minutes at a stretch to get the benefits of yoga. you could do 5 or 15 minute yoga or do 5 minute yoga a few times a day. You don't have to be a size 4, you don't have to be perfect. You could take yoga moves and make them about something you or your children like. I have a family member who loves Minecraft and gets the games, the books and toys.

So made Minecraft yoga So Downward Dog becomes Wolf into Downward Dog. The Cat cow pose title stays the same. The tree pose can be altered to be tree pose then villager pose. The warrior pose also is good selection for Minecraft yoga. We like to imagine villagers doing poses and sleeping on yoga mats. You could yoga routines for your kids favorite children's books, or other video games.

Now if you don't want to make your own yoga stories, cosmic kids yoga has a huge selection of yoga stories for kids. Just have fun.

Cosmic kid yoga

art by valcreates aka abundancelovetrip

Half Moon Pose Poster
Half Moon Pose Poster by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Yoga Love lunch Box
Yoga Love lunch Box by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Modern art

Art by Itaya

art by sugarhai

Kawaii Mushroom Postcard
Kawaii Mushroom Postcard by LizaPhoenix
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Cute Octopus iPhone 4/4S Cases
Cute Octopus iPhone 4/4S Cases by LizaPhoenix
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Cat Love

this my first comic strip in a long time. I am not a pet owner right now but I had a cat as a kid. Experts are now saying cats do not love their owners. I do not believe this true they just show love by killing small animals and giving them as gifts.

My art wedding invites

Lemon Pie wedding invites 3.14159265359 Pi
Lemon Pie wedding invites 3.14159265359 Pi by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Under $5 Valentine Day gifts and cards

Elmer's chocolate found at dollar general has options that a generally 5 and under. The smaller heart shaped boxes are under two dollars

Flowers grown from seed or wild flowers can be cheaper option but not always.

A homemade breakfast in bed of old fashioned oatmeal and side of bacon will be less than $5 a serving. A homemade love poem is a cheap valentine gift

Dollar store lotion and a massage is a lovely cheap gift under $2 after tax. Valentines postcards can be cheap if you buy them one at a time. Postage extra.

Romantic Postcards by me

Cartoon Girl with Heart Postcard
Cartoon Girl with Heart Postcard by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Divine Seahorses in love Postcard
Divine Seahorses in love Postcard by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Post cards by others

The Creepy Heart Girl Postcard
The Creepy Heart Girl Postcard by loudesigns
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Poem: Unfinished Masks, Valentine products, art

Unfinished Masks
By Val of aboundancelovetrip yelled paper crumpled in between stained fingers Do not confine lives to a list of unfinished acts Its no grand act Its little acts that show who we are and what we have hidden behind paper masks That are thinner than we realize My goals for the new year:I always like to make mini goals that I can actually accomplish instead of making a grand hard to do.

Here somethings to accomplish now 1. Try one new on the menu 2. Buy myself a small fitness product 3. Say something nice to someone 4. Go to a thrift store and donate something 5. Give to charity 6. Buy a piece of art can be print or original 7. Buy some good lotion or soap and actually use it 8. Have a ten, 15, 30 day challenge instead of a year challenge. 9. Buy some art supplies and use them.


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Fleur De Lis Classic Round Sticker
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