Friday, January 25, 2013

Painting On Paper Bags,Creative Inspiration, Artsy Necklaces

Today I thought I would talk about painting on brown paper bags as I love exploring alternative surfaces to paint on. I'm sharing a video by The Frugal Artist and she shows you how to paint a poppy flower on a paper bag. Easy Peasy!  Feel free to fast forward through the first minute or so as she is telling some jokes at the beginning.  :)

You can visit The Frugal Artist at her site and see that she has all kinds of how-to videos and tutorials to help you create in frugal ways.

Here are a few paintings that I did on brown paper. 

In each of these paintings I applied a few coats of Gesso to the back and allowed to dry before painting the front. It helps to make the brown paper surface sturdier and less likely to bubble from the water in the paint. Gesso is pretty inexpensive and you can get it at Michaels Art stores, JoAnn Stores, and on Amazon as well.

Here are more awesome creative pieces to help motivate you to get out your brown paper bags and paints and start creating!

Solitude Round Necklace From Original Painting
Solitude Round Necklace From Original Painting by Itayasdesigns
View more silver pendant designs at Zazzle.

Take care everyone! I'll be seeing you soon with more creative inspirations.
Be sure and let us know if you try or have tried painting on brown paper bags as we would love to hear about it in the comments section. :)


Friday, January 11, 2013

Promote Your Books, contest, Free PR , thanks, art

Super Cheap Ways to promote your Books By valerie Many of these ideas are free but some ideas do have a cost to them but I tried to keep them under $30 1. Write articles Squidoo or blog article, recipes, products, that can go along with the book. Link your book.

2. Interview other writers on your blog

3. Tweet your book and Rt other authors.

4. Give a free writing or art tutorial on your blog

5. If you’re self published Offer an older ebook title for free or for 99 cents to 2.99 on kindle.

6. Create your own Zazzle store with book cover to brand your book. You might have to make sure it’s okay with your publisher first.

7. Make online newsletter from newsgroup.

8. Give out your own writing or art award. It can be a free icon on a blog, or an icon plus a mug or other trinket under $25 bucks.

9. Contact your local paper.

10. Make your own bookmarks for your book on your computer or Staples. This should be under 30 if you print a couple of bookmarks on one sheet cardstock and cut them out yourself.< Crystal Marcos Writer of the children’s book Bellyache is hosting a contest on her blog winners get free copies of my abstract art.

There is also a free children's ebook offered by me with my childlike art. contest is on the bottem of the page. Please enter. :-) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Free pr day

Put an add for your G rated Zazzle, Etsy, Artfire, Zibbet, store, In the comment section. You can also add free advertisements for children’s books Nor stars or zazzle Referral NUMBERS (RF numbers). My other Contributors to this blog use thiers. You may promote as many as 15 stores.

Thankful List

Thankful for my husband and little ones

Thankful for sleep

Thankful for joy

Thankful for faith

My Art

Ice cream cone love mug
Ice cream cone love mug by AbundanceLoveTrip
Browse Ice cream Mugs online at
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Recycled Crafts, Art Tutorials, iPad Mini Cases, Awesome Art Designs

I came across an awesome blog earlier this week and with here consent, I thought I would share some of her tutorials for being creative. The blog is Alma Stoller and if you are the artsy crafty type like I am, you'll love tooling around her very pretty and inspirational site!

I love creating things from recycled items that I have on hand. Here is Alma's tutorial for creating canvas out of cardboard from cereal boxes.

I love that many of Alma's tutorials show you how to make some great artwork out of recycled materials. This next tutorial from her is about using magazine pages to paint on. You can cut your created art piece into smaller pieces and then use them to make larger mixed media artwork. I think creating artwork this way would be great to just frame as is. Take a peek at her video and be inspired!

Here is a link to an article I wrote on Squidoo with some great ideas of crafts and gifts that kids can create. 

Now for today's featured artsy creations from Zazzle! iPad Minis are all the rage and lots of you may have even gotten one for Christmas. Check out these iPad Mini cases to help protect yours.

Vintage Elegant Pink Red Roses Pattern iPad Mini Case
Vintage Elegant Pink Red Roses Pattern iPad Mini Case by kicksdesign
View Vintage iPad Mini Cases online at zazzle

Make sure to sign up for the Contest and Give Away if you haven't already a bit further down on this blog. Val is generously giving away a free children's book she wrote and illustrated for all who join the contest!

Have a great weekend and be sure and let us know if the above tutorials inspire you to create something awesome.  :)


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