Tuesday, October 27, 2015

promote yourself, poem,

Promote yourself

Talk about tur G rated zazzle, etsy stores in my comment section promote up to ten stores that way I can tweet the and promote multiple sellers at once

Poem: Haunts

Do not follow footsteps of others

earth haunted with memories

shadow people dancing

default people following others

to make up for the bits and pieces in their own movements.


Poem All kind of Gifts, Tips for Zazzlers

this poem rhymes a bit All Kind of Gifts

Poem by V abundancelovetrip When we feel we cannot give because are plans are adrift Do not falter there are all kinds of gifts Not everything special is sprinkled in gold there are things more precocious for us to hold we can give art, or paper, or a hug, but always remember to give with love we can give up, or down, bellow or above we can give things recycled we can give things that are new we can give to others who give to

Tip for Zazzler designers

1. Buy your own art, postcards and photo prints are affordable and look amazing in a sample portfolio. You are running an art business.

2. Tweet or blog your products no one will no you have products if you don't tell any one.

3. Be-careful with key words while some words might technically be correct they might not fit your product.

4. Don't forget to promote during the summer. I can make this mistake big time. It doesn't mean you have to spend your whole summer promoting but a once or twice a month blog post might be helpful to you. If you plan carefully you can be more productive with your time.

5. Does your art fit the product. When I first started I put my abstract on everything. I realized that my art looked great on canvas, postcards, magnets but not so good on shirts.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Relationships not Bucket Lists

I am a checklist sort of gall. I use check lists sometimes because I will get distracted so sometimes I need to write a task out. But do we get obsessed with our bucket lists.

I had misheard my husband in church and I thought he said "people need to work on Relationships not bucket lists." He had actually said something else. I have lived a pretty full life. Tell a family member that you love them, make some art, give a hug, eat something you love, pray, meditate, dance and be. A lot of people fall in the trap of wanting things because we are told to want them even if those things aren't good for us.

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