Thursday, May 14, 2015

Zombies, Run

The Text Says Zombies Run, Making people enjoy exercise while looking like weirdos for Four Seasons. Side Text says we salute Runner Fives Everywhere.

I haven't done a comic strip in a while. I have been really busy. I decided I would do a zombies run inspired strip. Zombies, Run Season 4 is out its supper creepy. For music I choose some classics, Staying Alive, I like to Move it. but I also choose unconventional songs. One of the songs I have on my playlist is Jennifer Gasoi song called Happy. Its a children's song but it is amazing and inspiring and cute.

Some of my mother's day gifts from my husband came today. The cap 9 pound weights came yesterday. I love Cap because they are reasonably priced. Today a fancy massage pillow came, a stretch band, a pedometer, and a metal water bottle. The pedometer came with a free surprise measuring tape.

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My art

Sometimes I pretend I am running with unicorns, or a super hero.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day, Weights, Gratitude Little Miracles, art

My kids made me awesome mother's day gifts, a book a calendar. It was lovely. My husband got me some cool things off of Amazon and they should come in the next couple of days.

weights With the help of my husband I made a slosh pipe for weight lifting. I sometimes call it a slosh tube. Its a homemade weightlifting PVC Tube partially filled with water. To save money we used a conduit pipe which needed cutting so the caps would fit. I wanted barbells but felt this was a better option because I don't have access to spotter during my prime workout times. I use a large container for weightlifting as well unlike a Kettlebell its odd shape keeps me from using it as cardio moves. Heavy weights like Kettlebells should be used with slow movements not cardio swings. I will be making my own ankle weights for leg extensions I watched some videos on YouTube and seem pretty easy to make. I won't make dumbbells though I have seen pretty awesome tutorials on making them from cement I would be scared of a big piece coming off. Dumbbells are pretty cheap. I am waiting on a 9 pound set to come today or tomorrow. It was a mother's day gift from my husband.

Gratitude Little Miracles

Sometimes little miracles happen, a paper found a spark of the imagination. What helps your spark.

my latest art

Itaya and Lois gave me input to make this better.

Artist by Iatya