Friday, March 7, 2014

Be Safe On The Web

You have to be safe on the internet. It boggles my mind that companies won't let you have the same user name as someone else, but they'll let you have the same password. What is this most common password? Well, ridiculously it's just password or password-123. Strong passwords can be the first line of defense of your banking information, photos, credit cards and all other manor of things we do on the web everyday. Another mistake is having one strong password and using it for everything. The problem is that if they hack into one account, they have all of them. I write my strong passwords in a book that I keep safe at home and I can hardly ever find. I guess my theory is that if I don't know my password neither will the criminals. I'm writing this blog, because I happened upon my book and said why not. Be careful of fake hotspots, I try to put my tablet into airplane mode when traveling. I do this because if I don't, my tablet will be looking for open wifi networks and your never know if it is just a business or a criminal you're linking up to. Some people think that just because they're are fewer viruses for ipads and kindles that you're completely safe, but it's a false sense of security. Only download apps from trusted sites. Sometimes higher risk items can through. TrustGo Security is one of many apps that will scan your apps as soon as you download them and tell you if your tablet is at risk or not. Like the app Vampire Wars, which is a knock off of a beloved game that was once on facebook, because of this blind love of the game, they don't realize they are at risk. I don't know why it was high risk and I didn't ask, I just removed it from my kindle. BAD PROGRAMS! A few days my mother clicked on a pop-up that was called Windows Internet Booster, that said our computer was under attack, but the only ones attacking us was Windows Internet Booster, because it is a Trojan Horse program. These programs attack your computer by not letting get on the internet, by not letting you run your actual internet security programs to get rid of them and by telling you everything you click on is infested with viruses or is a proxy for hackers. They won't clean your PC unless you buy their full version of their program for 100 dollars. This is a scare tactic, saying your computer is full of viruses and we can't let you access your stuff because it's dangerous, they're holding your computer hostage. And they're not a real security program so even if your computer is full of viruses they won't do anything about it. My mother knew right away it was a scam. Microsoft Security Essentials which is our real program never asked us for money and by clicking around I knew it was a scam as well. They accused me of having a program on my computer that downloads stolen movies and music. This is also scare tactic. Well I never download movies and music I don't have the right to, it's wrong and unsafe for your computer. However they are "banking" on people who are doing illegal things being too scared to question them and just paying up. I fell victim to this myself about ten years ago, my brother in-law helped me get rid of the program. How to avoid, know your security program and don't click on a pop-up named Windows Booster. This is just one in a long line of evil programs with similar names. So you clicked on did I. Now you can't get on the internet to get rid of it. I got on my tablet and looked for easy fixes. I found this website that explained everything. First turn off your computer and turn it back on. You're supposed to click F8 when you first hear that sound that your computer is starting, but I speakers don't work so I just turned it on and kept clicking F8 until the page I needed opened. Click on Safe mode with networking then you can open this antimalware site download the their antimalware program. You'll have to because your security program probably still won't work, mine didn't. This will take a few hours. Run a full scan on the my antimalware program and then purge the programs they tell you and when your computer shuts down and comes back on your computer will be safe and work again.
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