Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Cool World of Cute

The Cool World of Cute

I like cute maybe it's the first time seeing fairy drawings as kid or seeing my sisters then teen friends adore hello kitty. Things can be also creepy cute as in Halloween Decorations. This lens is just artwork I find cool and cute. Some of its whimsical, abstract, but I love making kawaii art. Kawaii art is Japanese for cute. It’s popular all over the world especially in the united states where I live. Cute art is a form of letting my inner nerd girl loose. Looking at cute art is also a stress buster. Kawaii isn’t the only form of whimsical art out there but it’s one of my favorites. Some of my cute art

Kawaii Love Face Plates
Kawaii Love Face Plates by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Book Love Plate
Book Love Plate by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Cute art by others

Cupcake Pendant
Cupcake Pendant by loudesigns
Make custom pendants at Zazzle. Kawaii Cupcake Custom Jewelry
Kawaii Cupcake Custom Jewelry by LizaPhoenix
Shop Zazzle for another pendant My Best Friend You Are Invited Original Painting
My Best Friend You Are Invited Original Painting by Itayasdesigns
Make an invite on zazzle An Evening Stroll Abstract Art iPhone 5 Case
An Evening Stroll Abstract Art iPhone 5 Case by Itayasdesigns
See other Abstract Casemate Cases The birth of the waffle plates
The birth of the waffle plates by JellyRollDesigns
Create unique custom plates online at Zazzle. Kawaii Cute & Tasty Cupcake iPhone 4 Speck Case
Kawaii Cute & Tasty Cupcake iPhone 4 Speck Case by TheSpottedOlive
Shop for iPhone 5 cases at zazzle. Ruby Round Sticker
Ruby Round Sticker by thecuteinstitute
Order cheap custom stickers online at Peanut Butter and Jelly Post Cards
Peanut Butter and Jelly Post Cards by kimchikawaii
Browse more Peanut butter Postcards Rainy Day with Bunny ipod touch case
Rainy Day with Bunny ipod touch case by artbytascha
See other Rabbit Casemate Cases Girl with Reindeer Sticker
Girl with Reindeer Sticker by artbytascha
Order cheap custom stickers online at Creepy walk round stickers
Creepy walk round stickers by loudesigns
Get sticker printing cheap online at More of my kawaii art Little Red Riding Hood Meets the Vampire Eclair Party Plate
Little Red Riding Hood Meets the Vampire Eclair Party Plate by AbundanceLoveTrip
Browse Kawaii Plates Northanger Abbey T-shirts
Northanger Abbey T-shirts by AbundanceLoveTrip
Look at another tshirt at Cupcake shop Apron
Cupcake shop Apron by AbundanceLoveTrip
View more kitchen aprons at Zazzle Grocery List Cupcake Dry-Erase Whiteboard
Grocery List Cupcake Dry-Erase Whiteboard by AbundanceLoveTrip
View another Dry Erase Whiteboard Happy Red Lanterns Mugs
Happy Red Lanterns Mugs by AbundanceLoveTrip
Create a unique personalize coffee mug from Happy Birthday Cookie Card
Happy Birthday Cookie Card by AbundanceLoveTrip
Shop for a greeting card on Happy Crab Water Bottles
Happy Crab Water Bottles by AbundanceLoveTrip
View more water bottle designs from Zazzle. Best Friends Lemonade stand Jewelry
Best Friends Lemonade stand Jewelry by AbundanceLoveTrip
Design your own photo necklace online at Zazzle. Cupcake Love Aprons
Cupcake Love Aprons by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Art, thanksful, Kids I am bored: Entertainment for Parents and Grandparents too

My latest Art Share love plate
Yoga Instructor Business Card
Yoga Instructor Business Card by AbundanceLoveTrip
Check out Kawaii Business Cards online at zazzle

Is there something awesome in your life that you take for granted

What are you thankful for? Is it art or love? what makes you smile?

What fills you?

Kids I am bored: Entertainment for Parents and Grandparents too


Are you a little sick and tired of what your children find entertaining? What were your favorite games and movies were as child? Would your kids enjoy your shows or are they too young? Does what you liked as a child bore you now that you're the parent?

Here is some entertainment selections that parents might enjoy as well.

They Might be Giants

They might be giants has some great kids music that most moms and dads will love to.

Here Comes Science

Here Come the ABCs

Here Come The 123s


The Muppet Movie (The original)

Hoodwinked TV shows

My little Pony Friendship is Magic

Worldgirl (ON PBS and and netflix learn vocabulary

Good eats learn about cooking (I just don't show them the beer episode)

Pets Sea Monkeys just rock

Video Games Just dance Loudesigns and Itaya

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Peace of Listening

, art

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The Peace of Listening


Listen to inspirational talks while doing mindless tasks such as putting away clothes or exercising. I thought I had no time and realized many things can be combined. I have so many things that waste time. I spend so much time not listening.

So what should I hear? What do you like to listen to


1. To the words I love you from a child

2. Listen to fun educational music

3. Listen to inspirational talks

4. Listen to the sound of rain

My Latest Art

An abstract canvas of mine

A new version of super nerd girl and the power of books

one of my abstract arts

abstract print of mine on photo paper

Iatya and Loudesigns

Creepy walk canvas bags
Creepy walk canvas bags by loudesigns
See more Creepy Bags at
Other artists
Colorful Abstract Art Posters
Colorful Abstract Art Posters by BeckyF
Browse more Becky f Posters at Zazzle
Abstract Art Pillow
Abstract Art Pillow by BeckyF
View other Beckyf Pillows at

Monday, May 13, 2013

Creativity to improve other aspects in your life, Mother's day Nerdy Mom 2.0

Creativity to improve other aspects in your life Valerie

I read a saying posted on pinterest the other day while I was gathering quotes on gratitude doe inspiration. It said the “things you take for granted others are praying for.” I went around hugging my family. I wanted to make them feel my love for them. My gratitude. How can we feel creativity and being thankful.

1. Create fast art for yourself. It can be, sketching, knitting, digital, painting, sculpting. It doesn’t matter if you are any good. Art can be calming and also help jumpstart creativity with other aspects of your life such as business and family.

2. Don’t confuse agitation for entertainment. There are some shows I am happy to see because they are exciting with characters I care about. Even an action show or movie can be fun. I found some shows, movies and music though exciting bring me down and the adrenalin pumping plots mask poor writing. Does it waste your time? Is it fun? Do you feel bad after watching it? Do you feel it killed brain cells? Are you more argumentative after watching or listening.

3. Tell people you love them with meaning

4. Art can save you, go to museums or at least look at them online

5. Say thank you more often

My mother’s day was pretty good. I got amazing homemade cards from the kids My husband made homemade cake. I had a huge piece but there are leftovers, mmm cake. We kept mother's day small due to a move and father's day we'll be the same. One of my most popular pinterest boards is nerdy mom 2.o so I have been doing nerdy art.

I bought myself two pair of shoes today and now I have a total of two pairs of shoes. I might buy myself a pair of crocs without holes or a pair of sneakers and or chunky shoes with buckles but I don't see why I would need more than four for five pairs. I'd rather buy art or ebooks, books. Thankful List My husband, kids and the lord Art water Zazzle <> Promote your G rated zazzle, etsy or children's books, ebooks My New art

I made this I had been thinking of making a nerd mom super hero.

I had made this as a set of paper dolls for my youngest. I didn't like the skimpy dressed doll she wanted so I made this for her and she loved it. The others who write for this blog
My Dog Poster
My Dog Poster by loudesigns
Print posters online at

Monday, May 6, 2013

Making Gifts For Mother's Day, Featured Mother's Day Designs

It seems like just a couple of months ago that I celebrated Mother's Day and here we are with another chance to celebrate the Mothers in our lives. I thought I would share a few craft ideas I came across to help you and your little ones create some Mother's Day gifts.

Check out this adorable tutorial for making paper flowers. These can be used to decorate a gift box or make them with a stem and put in a pretty vase for Mom.

Visit the full tutorial posted by Sara at her blog - Mr. Handsome Face

Another cute tutorial I found is on YouTube for making your own artsy card for Mom.
This tutorial is by the Illustrator Shoo Rayner and he does make it look quite easy to make. I'm sure you could use this idea and use pens, pencils, markers, color crayons or whatever you like. 

Maybe there are some Dads that want to help their little ones make a cute gift for Mom that is inspired by nature. 

You can find this tutorial at Our Big Earth.

Now for some Artsy Features to help get you even more inspired with gift ideas for Mom!

Moms grow Love Shirts
Moms grow Love Shirts by AbundanceLoveTrip
Look at other Heart plant 4 T-Shirts at

Nerd Moms Rock iPhone 5 Case
Nerd Moms Rock iPhone 5 Case by AbundanceLoveTrip
Browse Kawaii Casemate Cases online at

Creepy New Mom Key Chains
Creepy New Mom Key Chains by loudesigns
View Pram Keychains online at zazzle

Birds In Tree In Sky Mother's Day Abstract Art Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Birds In Tree In Sky Mother's Day Abstract Art Gallery Wrapped Canvas by Itayasdesigns
Find more small canvas prints at

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers and Grandmothers out there. I hope you are spoiled and treated very special all day long.  :)