Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello Monday: Comic Strip

Today's Comic Strip
I hope you had a good weekend.

Here is my comic strip for the Day its a Zombie Narwhal

Abstract men shoe of mine

spellbinding art: valentine Girl

Zazzle now has mythbusters products that just rocks

Cool goth Girl Art

If you love sweet this is for you


This is cute for Valentine

He does tricks



Sister's shoe

Lovely flower necklace

Lovely flower

MMM sweet

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ask A Zombie House Wife Comic

My next comic strip

A five year old mentioned she loved a certain celebrity because they had their have ghost who goes woo hoo. Five year olds gossip are so much more interesting than enquirer.

There is a reason dear Abby is on the comic section of some papers. Dear Abby is not an advice column but a comic for literate people.

My abstract Shoe


Yummy Punk ice Cream
punk ice cream dripz mousepad
punk ice cream dripz by asyrum
View a different mousemat on zazzle

This is fun well painted duck




Soo cool, cute

Choo Choo


cool man!
Peace 2011 speckcase
Peace 2011 by katz_d_zynes
Browse other iphone designs

Cute rocket

Red and white shoes cool

Cool retro Skyline


Love this cute candy invite


cupcake birthday invites

He had a farm....


Made me smile

spread the love

This Lemon looks kawaii cool

This bunny rocks



MMMM donought

These Mushrooms rock

A lovely summer day

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love, Love, Love, Love

My love card

People I love
Husband, kids, :-)

Zazzle Finds
I like to post cute, I like well drawn fantasy art, stunning photos, fine art.

Bear and bubbles

An abstract by the Ever lovely Itaya

I love the colors on this heart design
Hearts card
Hearts by Perlyyyy
Shop for a greeting card on

Mystic unicorn

Trendy tree

I loved little Red Riding Hood as a child

These fish are so soothing and lovely

Classic card


Gothic girl

Well done, bright and lovely

From my sister: Jane Austen

Lovely tree