Friday, August 31, 2012


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This not the last time I will talk about giving. People who give more are happier.

There’s a lot of misconceptions about giving. Rich people aren’t always greedy some were very giving before and after they give. People who give more end up more successful than those who don’t. (That’s not why you should give anyway but this was proven by a study that showed people who gave 10% of their income to charity were more successful than those who did not.) People often make comments "why isn’t a person giving locally." Most people I see who give overseas also give locally. You can do both.

People who give are more likely to be their community leaders no matter what party they belong to. The last myth is you have to be mega rich to give in the first place. There a lot of cheap ways to give.

1. Give to your church

2. Buy gum in coin operated machines sponsored by charities

3. Buy second hand clothes at charity thrift stores. Its good for the earth and can save you money.

4. Give without people knowing who you are

5. Donate your squidoo earnings to charity

6. Donate your time

7. you can donate by making a few clicks and looking for ads.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Free Add Day

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Updated Art program

One of my art programs/apps updated so I have been playing with it. There is something life affirming about creating. It will take a while for new pieces to go up.

Charge up Home/life

These are things I’ve done in the past few weeks Simple changes big impact. What are your change ups.

1. New tub mat “an inexpensive way to change up a bathroom.

2. If you are an artist display some of your own art in corner not to sell but just to enjoy.

3. Told people I care about that I love them

4. Listen to uplifting music 5. Read or get a book to learn something new.

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The Modern way 77.7: Modern art Gallery Wrapped Canvas by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Passing this month Neil Armstrong who made reaching galaxies possible Phyllis Diller who made people laugh Jerry Nelson, Count of 'Sesame Street,' who taught children to count

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Birthday Change Up!

My birthday just past and Was able to get some cool gifts, I needed, headsets, a stability ball, lunch with my family, and a few inexpensive art aps. Fun Math I did a little art last night. I love doing new art. I have de-cluttered most of the old kid socks though I am keeping a couple to make puppets. I found a new love for puppets when I took a paper alligator puppet and turned into a southern math math teaching Alligator. I hated math as child and was always making stories up for the numbers. 1 and 2 were the parents 3 and 4 were their small children. 5 and six were sisters always vying for 7's attention. What are your favorite ways to teach math? My latest Art Some stuff I like
Cupcake Pendant
Cupcake Pendant by loudesigns
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Promotion Problem.

I hid my new store for a bit, don’t know if I will combine it with my Main store Abundancelovetrip. It seems like it be a lot more additional advertising. I do have side shops but there more for parking art I don’t feel fits Abundancelovetrip. I am tired of promoting and I just want to do art, but I know I must promote. I am good at promoting others but I really don’t enjoy promoting my own products. My current promotion is just to get as many people to refer my work as possible. An example: Your SEO optimized title page contents

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Free Add Day; New Store, Featured store My Ideas: Free Add Day

Today is another free Add day Just put your advertisement for your shop in comments section in the blog. Any G rated shop. You Can advertise 1 shop or 15 Please no stars or RF numbers Val News Besides my old main shop abundancelovetrip I have a brand new small nich store Mintysea Old New I decided to make a small store just for my abstract art Here are some select products from Minty Sea Featured store: MyIdeas My ideas site is incase you want to refer