Monday, December 31, 2012

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Crystal Marcos Writer of the children’s book Bellyache is hosting a contest on her blog winners get free copies of my abstract art.

There is also a free children's ebook offered by me with my childlike art. contest is on the bottem of the page. Please enter. :-) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Free pr day

Put an add for your G rated Zazzle, Etsy, Artfire, Zibbet, store, In the comment section. You can also add free advertisements for children’s books Nor stars or zazzle Referral NUMBERS (RF numbers). My other Contributors to this blog use thiers. You may promote as many as 15 stores.

Changing Up Goals Many people do the whole goal thing wrong. They get into this whole New Year goal thing that they always fail at.

1. Have goals you can actually accomplish in a day trying out one new food, or to go to an art gallery.

2. Instead of some bold goal like weight loss how about a little one like buying a new water bottle or water filter.

3. Don’t make goals of anything you don’t want to really do.

4. Have 30 day challenge. You can do anything for a month. If you only want to buy your clothes at salvation army do a month challenge. 5. Make note of what you are thankful for.

6. A lot of people are wrong about putting yourself first. Love the people around you either your family made, born or chosen. The truth is people can’t learn to love themselves unless they learn to love others first. That doesn’t mean being a doormat; it means doing to others the way you wish to be treated.

7. Bad things can happen to your goals and to you even if you do everything right. While sometimes bad things happen are own fault sometimes it’s not.

8. Just creating a vision board of what you want isn’t going to help you. Jim Carrey wasn’t successful because he put a fake check in his wallet. He also worked hard.

9. Is your need for success keeping you from a truly fulfilling life? Is your want of something only because someone else wants it.

10. Learn to say no. A lot of happiness books tell you to say yes to everything but no doesn’t have to be negative. If you want to do art or hang out with your family instead of going clubbing say no.

11. look for miracles in the everyday this world is world of wonder, a world of art.

My art

Art and Photos by others

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hope you all had a Happy and lovely Christmas. The day was just opening gifts. Watching my girls and my husband open up their gifts was joyous. I received more than I had wished for. The best gift was hanging out with my husband and girls. Grandma gave a book called the Princess and the Pig by Jonathan Emmett art by Poly Bernatene. While my girls love pretending princess the princess and the pig shows that sometimes being a princess isn’t such a great idea. They loved the toys, crafts, clothes, and just about everything. Grandma also gave me a lovely water color pencil art kit. I can also use it as an art Portfolio for my Zazzle products. I also received heartfelt thoughtful gifts from my husband.

I know blessed I am..... Thankful for family, God, art, games, food, hugs, spirit. My Art Homework mug

Art by others

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Christmas Wish list, My Mug, New art, others Art

My Christmas Wish list Time with my husband and Hugs from my children Exercise The Joy of watching my children opening up gifts Good food Phone calls to mother in law Art Peace Joy My Mug Came I got my little red riding mug from Zazzle my own art and my youngest has declared its hers, and begged for it. So I need to buy another one for myself and apparently her sister. Free advertisement day Free Free Add Day If you have A G rated Zazzle, Etsy, or G rated book. Please feel to post about your shops, book, in the comment section of the blog No referral numbers or stars are allowed please. I have people who contribute to the blog and I don’t want to mess up the referrals they’ve earned. My new Sleeves Other artists

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A moment of silence .....

A moment of silence for the victims Newtown School Tragedy/shooting

Charlotte Bacon (2/22/06), 6 years old

Daniel Barden (9/25/05), 7 years old

Rachel Davino (7/17/83), Staff member

Olivia Engel (7/18/06), 6 years old

Josephine Gay (12/11/05), 7 years old

Ana M. Marquez-Greene (4/4/06), 6 years old

Dylan Hockley (3/8/06), 6 years old

Dawn Hochsprung (6/28/65), Principal

Madeleine F. Hsu (7/10/06), 6 years old

Catherine V. Hubbard (6/8/06), 6 years old

Chase Kowalski (10/31/05), 7 years old

Nancy Lanza, 52 years old

Jesse Lewis (6/30/06), 6 years old

James Mattioli (03/22/06), 6 years old

Grace McDonnell (11/4/05), 7 years old

Anne Marie Murphy (7/25/60), Staff member,

Emilie Parker (05/12/06), 6 years old

Jack Pinto (05/05/06), 6 years old

Noah Pozner (11/20/06), 6 years old

Caroline Previdi (9/07/06), 6 years old

Jessica Rekos (5/10/06), 6 years old

Avielle Richman (11/17/06) 6 years old

Lauren Rousseau (June 1982), Staff member,

Mary Sherlach (2/11/56), Staff member,

Victoria Soto (11/04/85), Staff member,

Benjamin Wheeler (09/12/06), 6 years old

Allison N. Wyatt (07/03/06), 6 years old

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas, Birthdays, Gelli Plates, iPad Sleeves and More!

Tuesday was my birthday and my sweet hubby surprised me with a Gelli Plate for monoprinting type artwork. Check out this link to their blog - Gelli Arts . Here are a few images of fun things you can create using one of their Gelli Plates.

And a cool video showing how to create some of these awesome art designs - 

People have been doing monoprinting for ages using glass plates, gelatin plates, and lots of other smooth surfaces. I experimented with making my own gelatin plates using Knox gelatin and did have some success with it. Here is a link to start your research for making your own if you like - Quick Gelatin Plate Tutorial . Just go to Linda Germain's Blog for tons more tips and techniques. 

Although Linda makes it look super easy, there are some drawbacks to using a gelatin plate. For starters, the gelatin must be kept in the fridge and it does breakdown easily. So....I requested a Gelli Plate for my birthday and I got one! I'm very grateful for my hubby and my Gelli Plate.  :) I'll be playing with it and creating all kinds of cool art really soon once things settle down from the holidays.  

You can visit my Art Blog where I posted a bit more about the above technique and some of the things I've created doing monoprinting so far. 

Have someone on your list that wants/needs a laptop or iPad sleeve? Check these out!

Hope you aren't too stressed with your holiday shopping and planning! Take some time to sit and sip a cup of hot chocolate or tea and everything will be right as rain once again. 

Let us know what's on YOUR Christmas wish list this year! We love hearing from you.  :) 

Holiday Blessings!


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Monday, December 10, 2012

Today I did Christmas shopping. I went to a craft mall. I got a few artisan items and some used but nice looking books. I also went to another store to buy some gifts for my husband. My husband went and bought the toys and gifts for the girls last week. I also got some activity based gifts that came via mail order. I will get the stocking stuffers the week of Christmas but even if I don’t I am pretty well set. I sent my sweet second mother. Aka my wonderful mother in law a Zazzle mug of a favorite artwork. So are you set for Christmas?

Thankful list for Today My husband and girls, my mother law, my church, my art, carrots, water, music, and more My Art

My new Big Eyed Art "Upadted this plate" My latest Abstract Art by the others
Sense and Sensibility Puzzle
Sense and Sensibility Puzzle by loudesigns
View more puzzle designs from Zazzle.

Free Advertiment in the comment section. Just talk about your G rated Zazzle, G rated Book or ebook, etsy store. No referral codes, stars to Zazzle or elsewhere. We have different contributors to the blog and I don’t want to mess up there sales.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pies, Gratitude, Free Add art


I created an action plan last week to change up my life and cooking better is a big part of it. I talk about chraging up and changing up a life and wanted to do so. I made mini apple pies. I haven’t made a pie crust in years. They were good but the little ones didn’t like the raisons. I used this recipe but I used real butter not vegan butter. It’s the best recipe I found. I added raisons.

I also didn’t do the top crust my one huge mammoth apple made too much filling and I wanted 8 small pies with the crust on top I could only do for. I also made mini Burgers aka sliders. I made my own rolls. I served carrots for veggies. I was going to try to cut them up but didn’t have time. My challenge to myself is cooking. I seem to always make the same thing over the last 3 years. I seemed to be in a cooking rut. The water pressure was super low later in the day.

Free Add


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I have stone heart that was given me as a gift. It’s pretty and green. I added to my thankful heart jar. My thankful heart jar I talked about is away to count blessings. Today : I am thankful for

My husband and children

Church and church friends

cook books and online recipes Art I wanted to art that relates to learning or teachers in some way

Monday, December 3, 2012

Poster Art Prints, Art Gifts, Christmas Gift Ideas, Free Crochet Patterns, Free Sewing Patterns

Christmas is less than a month away and it's time to share some more gift giving ideas. I've also included some links to two articles that I published on Squidoo that are loaded with free crafting patterns for gifts you can make.

Today I am featuring several Poster Art Prints to inspire you. I've ordered art prints from Zazzle in the past and am always pleasantly amazed at how true to color their printing is. The quality of everything I've ordered from Zazzle is always superb!

If you are the crafty type and love to crochet or sew, here are a few articles I wrote with some free patterns. You've still got time to whip up some of these projects for Christmas gifts! Check my Squidoo page below for even more articles featuring free patterns, recipes, and other cool stuff.

Hopefully I've inspired you today with these art posters and crafting patterns. We love hearing from you. Let us know in the comments what gifts you plan on giving this year. Are you making any of your gifts,  buying them all, or a combination of the above?! We want to know!  :) 

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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