Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cooking Myths

Myth: Why Millennials Cant Cook
I read an Article based on another article. The first article stated millennials can't cook because the internet. It's not.   YouTube is not dumbing down cooking skills.
Many people are visual learners when it comes to cooking.
Many Millennials do know how to cook because someone in their family taught them.
The reason is Millennials are having difficulty cook is because they got rid of home ec. My family refused to teach me to cook or wasn't interested in teaching me.  Without my home ech teacher. I would have been helpless.  While I didn't turn into a master chef I learned basics I couldn't learn from a book. I had lots of cookbooks as a child. I had a small collection. Cookbooks are great if you already have the skills.  Getting rid of Home ec. is not female empoerment it just makes sure men don't know how to cook. Making women the only one I the house that can cook.