Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Crafts, Valentine Artwork and Designs

It's time to get crafty folks as Valentine's Day is just under a month away. Read on to be inspired with some crafts that you can create for yourself or to help your kiddies make.

I love repurpusing items for special occasions and this idea is perfect for that. If you have some jars of various sizes, you can add some fabric scraps, burlap, ribbon, and vintage jewelry to whip up a romantic setting in no time.

I can see all kinds of romantic possibilities with this idea. Visit Crafts by Amanda to read more about how she suggests making these luminaries. 

Here is a cute idea from the Martha Stewart website.

It's a cute kid's craft idea and easier than you would think. Visit the Martha Stewart Site to see how they made these cute candy decorations. 

Here is another cute idea for you to make for your sweety or for the kids to help make for mom or dad. 

The instructions suggest using dowels but I'm thinking a straw or chop sticks would work just as well. See how to make this awesome Valentine's Day Pennant at the Say Yes to Hoboken blog.

Now for some Valentine's Day Art!

Floating Eco Hearts Tee Shirt
Floating Eco Hearts Tee Shirt by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Path of the Untamed Heart Key Chain
Path of the Untamed Heart Key Chain by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Red Heart Valentines Day Design Tshirt
Red Heart Valentines Day Design Tshirt by Itayasdesigns
Look at Valentine T-Shirts online at

Heart and Circles Shower Party Invitation Design
Heart and Circles Shower Party Invitation Design by Itayasdesigns
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I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day this year! 


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Promote Yourself, Valentine's Day Ideas

Promote Your Zazzle, Etsy, zibbet, artfire, blogger blog, children's book, bonanza store, children's ebook for free

Just write about your stores as many as you like in the comment section. All stores must be g rated. No political dart boards with people's faces on them. for zazzle Please don't add your your zazzle referral number just the link. We don't allow spam if your shop or products listed then do not put your advert down. I can't post for. No products with swear words.

Valentine's Day Ideas. If you have someone to give tro give valentine's gifts to it can be fun if you don't have a valentine give something to yourself or volenteer your time to help another. It doesnt' have to be a chairity but someone you know. Seems valentine's day stuffed animals are like reagular toys just uglyer. One of my favorate gifts was a home made valentine stuffed in a box of candy by my husband when we were dating.

1. Books

2. Homemade dinner "You don't need to battle reservations"

3. Grocery store flowers

4. Back rubs

5. Foot rubs

6. Art

7. Video games "Motion games"

8. post card love coupons "They look less cheesy then homemade ones and are still pretty cheap

9. tech gifts can be fun

10. board games if they like board games

11. make cookies together

12. box candy, chocolate, jelly beans, mints

Love Coupons

Valentine Candy "Jelly babies"

Fairy Tale Love Jelly Belly Tins
Fairy Tale Love Jelly Belly Tins by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Zazzle Valentine gifts and cards

Art gifts valentine Gifts

all these gifts are under $2 before shipping and that is without a sale. These would look nice framed for an extra cost but make sure the frame fits the art.

Friday, January 3, 2014

New year

I am not doing any resolutions this year. Usually I do easy to accomplish resolutions that are fun. This year, I am doing a thankful list not a change list. I don't smoke or drink. I started listening to scriptures. I have gotten into short meditations. I could stand to exercise more, but I can't find my dream weights to lift. Regular weights look so boring. I want to lift something glittery or that glows in the dark.

Instead of things I want to change my new year list is a gratitude list

I am thankful for my husband and children

I am thankful for church

I am thankful for my home

I am thankful for my mother in law <> I am thankful for art

I am thankful for sleep

I am thankful for water

I am thankful for my mother and sisters

I am thankful for sugar free great value punch (grape flavor) I am thankful for sparking apple juice

I am thankful for wii video games

I am thankful for libraries

I am thankful for every gift I get


Fleur de lis... print
Fleur de lis... print by loudesigns
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