Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Poem Back To school

Soon it will be back to school so here is a back to school poem.

Poem After The Summer Poem by V abundancelovetrip soon books will be open Fairy lights falling with Autumn leaves downward

covering what was once green with colors red and and brown

the leaves then gathered poured into bonfires

The smoke of the leaves burning towards sky

Abstract Lunchboxes, teens, tweens, college students and teachers too

Abstract Went Lunch Boxes
Abstract Went Lunch Boxes by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Cute lunch boxes

Yoga Love lunch Box
Yoga Love lunch Box by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Yoga Love lunch Box
Yoga Love lunch Box by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Cupcake Love Yubo Lunchbox
Cupcake Love Yubo Lunchbox by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fantastic School Afterschooling

sometimes I feel like a huge failure as a part time homeschoolers. I just lack in the constancy department. I feel I have to bribe them with tv to get anything done lately. I love part time homeschool. I can't do it full time except in the summer. I think people should consider homeschooling part time if full time won't work for them. My youngest teacher loved the pastime homeschool and told me she wished more parents would take part in their children's education. I support school teachers. While there might be a couple of bad teachers most teachers I have seen are amazing. Schools fail on the parent, budget and administration level. I think all school administrators should have to substitute or be classroom assistants. Many administrators are My dream would be if public school was three to four days a week.

Fantastic School After-Schooling http://www.zazzle.com/abundancelovetrip

Fantastic School as I like to call it is After-Schooling. Its Part Time Home Schooling.

Have you always wanted to home school but its not right for you? What if your child is in a good school already? What if the child is special needs and needs extra services? What if you want to support public school and teachers but still homeschool. What if you don't have the money for a full curriculum? What if your job won't allow it? After-schooling or part time homeschooling is not just supplementing an education. Its owning a big part of what your child learns. With fantastic school you decide? Do you teach a few minutes after school or on the weekends? Do you have breaks and vacations? If you are burnt out on homework than make assignments fun based. Sometimes I take huge breaks from part-time homeschooling if I feel the kids are getting burnt out on regular homework.

Cheap Ways to After School Afterschooling can be more pricey than home school due to the fact you have school and home supplies to get but it can be done cheaply. 1. Use the library (This can be a fun outing).

2. Board games (Look for pre Christmas sales, Wal-Mart also can be cheaper) this can teach rules, math, colors.

3. Teach counting with the toys they already own

4. Use free educational video games from starfall.com and http://pbskids.org/

5. Chores: Chores not only work skills but have been shown to improve iq. TV and reading time can be a reward.

6. Nature walks

7. Cooking together. This can teach math and science. (Make sure that cooking is safe, an age appropriate.)

8. Doing art together. Moderately Priced ideas

1. Season Passes to zoos and museums. A season pass to a zoo and museum can cost less than one day's pass to Disney world. Some museums two or three trips in a year is all it takes to break even.

2. Family vacations.

Expensive ways to Afterschool 1. Educational games on a ipad. The games can be free or cheap but ipad is expensive. If your child is special needs an ipad can cut thousands of dollars in tutoring. A ipad is expensive but if you compare it with poorly made 700 dollar curriculums out their than it can be a bargain.

Workbooks if you decide on workbooks choose something fun under $30 dollars if its based on a favorite children's book of your kid than that's all the better. But you don't need work books if you choose not too. Lots of ways to learn What I like to do is make simple assignments complement the homework they already have and reinforce that with educational video games and fun activities. If you get too much homework one week you can do weekender learning. Also schools that do longer hours but only meet 4 or three days a week also might be a plus if you can find one. Little things add up. Even if you get 5 to 15 minutes a day in and an hour a weekend it all ads up. It can be simple as reading a short book logging or writing on a practice sheet for weekdays. A kindergartener might not enjoy practicing writing ABC each day but they might enjoy a treat and an educational video game afterward. 

Mistakes We can make

inadequate after-schooling is just giving a kid a workbook or educational toy and having the child just do it themselves without impute. curriculums like Montessori have self discovery but they are to be lead and watched over by the parent teacher. This should be done for education as well as safety. If you are poor in a subject it will be hard for you to teach it. You might need to pay or trade a tutor or re-learn a subject yourself to teach it. Spending some money is going to happen but don't buy anything without researching it thoroughly. An expensive curriculum that works for one child might bore yours. Forgetting to make learning fun. Who says learning should be boring

TV distractions

My mom was a full time homeschooler with one of my sisters but cable TV and TV Commercials was such a distraction. If you want to be a part-time homeschooler or full time homeschooler get rid of even basic cable TV. Commercials can be more distracting than the shows themselves. You can still have TV via Netflix only you have a more active choice what's on the Cue. Netflix even has some PBS shows. Even buying one 15 dollar DVD a month is most often cheaper than cable. Libraries have free DVds to rent many educational.

My Art

Itaya and Loudesigns

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Real Downloadable Gifts for Virtual times 2

Real Downloadable and virtual Gifts for Virtual times

Why would someone want to give downloadable gifts? You might not want to send a heavy gift through the mail.

You might have run out of time for last minute shopping.

You or the person you are giving to might be environmentalists.

You and the people on your shopping list might just have too much stuff and very little space.

You might know them online and don't have there address but have their email address.

These can be great for belated birthdays List

Here Comes Science (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version) Music Ebooks (If they don't have a kindle they can get kindle for PC and read on comp

Ipad apps

android apps

ITunes music for ipad

Write a homemade poem sent by email.

Send a gift code via email from Amazon, zazzle or Walmart.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Your Favorite things

Favorite people should be family and friends but what are your favorite things this is by no means a complete list or in order

My list Ask a zombie House wife


exercise apps

nexercise app

croc shoes

fuzzy supper soft socks

hand weights

books and ebooks

Netflix Dark chocolate orange flavor

fruit smoothies homemade


balsamic cheese

Scented stickers

Good hand cream

Cheap perfume

stuff by abundancelovetrip

Book lover doodle board Dry-Erase whiteboard
Book lover doodle board Dry-Erase whiteboard by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Art by other Askazombiehousewife writers

Thursday, February 25, 2016

thankfullist, sugarhai interview

thankful list

prayer, god, husband, kids, water, sleep, hot chocolate, art, cartoons, play dough, weights, paints, canvas, books, lemon pie, baking, walking.

Name: sugarhai


ASKAZOMBIE What's your favorite cartoon?

The Last Unicorn ASKAZOMBIE Who is your favorite artist?

That's hard to say, I like everything from Andy Warhol to Lisa Frank. If I look at an image and it makes me feel happy or inspired then I like that art, and it can be the Mona Lisa, or a child's drawing, or a greeting card at a convenience store. ASKAZOMBIE What influences your art?

Caffeine mostly, my work centers around cute or funny visuals and my head spins with ideas after my morning coffee, one time I thought of so many popsicle puns at once that I almost passed out. Websites to buy your art.

http://sugarhai.com What is your favorite baked good?

The German chocolate cake that my gramma used to make, and her chocolate chip cookies.

__________________________ 8 Awesome Breakfast Mugs collection via @Zazzle http://www.zazzle.com/collections/8_awesome_breakfast_mugs-119911189251015319?rf=238516285037258438&CMPN=shareicon&lang=en&social=true

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Making Yoga fun for kids and Adults

Making Yoga fun for kids and Adults

I didn't enjoy yoga as a kid because it wasn't made relatable to me. I thought all yoga was, was painful stretching. I am not the most coordinated and I can try. I can move. Exercise of any kind should be fun and relatable. Exercise shouldn't be about weight loss but overall health. It should be relatable to not only children but adults as well.

Write a list of the exercise you want to do and the benefits. Do a 5 day challenge, a 10 day challenge. You can start small. You don't need 30 minutes at a stretch to get the benefits of yoga. you could do 5 or 15 minute yoga or do 5 minute yoga a few times a day. You don't have to be a size 4, you don't have to be perfect. You could take yoga moves and make them about something you or your children like. I have a family member who loves Minecraft and gets the games, the books and toys.

So made Minecraft yoga So Downward Dog becomes Wolf into Downward Dog. The Cat cow pose title stays the same. The tree pose can be altered to be tree pose then villager pose. The warrior pose also is good selection for Minecraft yoga. We like to imagine villagers doing poses and sleeping on yoga mats. You could yoga routines for your kids favorite children's books, or other video games.

Now if you don't want to make your own yoga stories, cosmic kids yoga has a huge selection of yoga stories for kids. Just have fun.

Cosmic kid yoga

art by valcreates aka abundancelovetrip

Half Moon Pose Poster
Half Moon Pose Poster by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Yoga Love lunch Box
Yoga Love lunch Box by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Modern art

Art by Itaya

art by sugarhai

Kawaii Mushroom Postcard
Kawaii Mushroom Postcard by LizaPhoenix
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Cute Octopus iPhone 4/4S Cases
Cute Octopus iPhone 4/4S Cases by LizaPhoenix
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Cat Love

this my first comic strip in a long time. I am not a pet owner right now but I had a cat as a kid. Experts are now saying cats do not love their owners. I do not believe this true they just show love by killing small animals and giving them as gifts.

My art wedding invites

Lemon Pie wedding invites 3.14159265359 Pi
Lemon Pie wedding invites 3.14159265359 Pi by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Under $5 Valentine Day gifts and cards

Elmer's chocolate found at dollar general has options that a generally 5 and under. The smaller heart shaped boxes are under two dollars

Flowers grown from seed or wild flowers can be cheaper option but not always.

A homemade breakfast in bed of old fashioned oatmeal and side of bacon will be less than $5 a serving. A homemade love poem is a cheap valentine gift

Dollar store lotion and a massage is a lovely cheap gift under $2 after tax. Valentines postcards can be cheap if you buy them one at a time. Postage extra.

Romantic Postcards by me

Cartoon Girl with Heart Postcard
Cartoon Girl with Heart Postcard by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Divine Seahorses in love Postcard
Divine Seahorses in love Postcard by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Post cards by others

The Creepy Heart Girl Postcard
The Creepy Heart Girl Postcard by loudesigns
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Poem: Unfinished Masks, Valentine products, art

Unfinished Masks
By Val of aboundancelovetrip yelled paper crumpled in between stained fingers Do not confine lives to a list of unfinished acts Its no grand act Its little acts that show who we are and what we have hidden behind paper masks That are thinner than we realize My goals for the new year:I always like to make mini goals that I can actually accomplish instead of making a grand hard to do.

Here somethings to accomplish now 1. Try one new on the menu 2. Buy myself a small fitness product 3. Say something nice to someone 4. Go to a thrift store and donate something 5. Give to charity 6. Buy a piece of art can be print or original 7. Buy some good lotion or soap and actually use it 8. Have a ten, 15, 30 day challenge instead of a year challenge. 9. Buy some art supplies and use them.


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Fleur De Lis Classic Round Sticker
Fleur De Lis Classic Round Sticker by loudesigns
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