Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cooking Myths

Myth: Why Millennials Cant Cook
I read an Article based on another article. The first article stated millennials can't cook because the internet. It's not.   YouTube is not dumbing down cooking skills.
Many people are visual learners when it comes to cooking.
Many Millennials do know how to cook because someone in their family taught them.
The reason is Millennials are having difficulty cook is because they got rid of home ec. My family refused to teach me to cook or wasn't interested in teaching me.  Without my home ech teacher. I would have been helpless.  While I didn't turn into a master chef I learned basics I couldn't learn from a book. I had lots of cookbooks as a child. I had a small collection. Cookbooks are great if you already have the skills.  Getting rid of Home ec. is not female empoerment it just makes sure men don't know how to cook. Making women the only one I the house that can cook.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Weird Doggy song video

Staycation What is your favorite staycation I am doing a no money staycation this weekend but I have done a more expensive ones which were the supplies and videos I bought from Amazon. Most of my staycations are at home. Anytime I stay in a hotel that's a vacation not a staycation. Though going out to eat is fine on a staycation this staycation

Friday, March 2, 2018

Going for Gold, vote for crystal Marcos, Thankful. Life Clutter Cut it out

Crystal Marcos book cover is up for cover of the month please vote

Thankful List

What are you thankful for? Here is my list.

Have a list of what you a thankful for

God, family, air, water

sleep, love, art,

Graphic novels, happy news, joy,

Art supplies, music, rain

Everything else

Life Clutter: Cut it Out

There physical clutter papers, and items we don't use. There is also time wasting, clutter.

1. Negative News its okay to be informed but if you find yourself but is news taking to much of your time.

2. TV shows that make you feel bad. Yes the show might have great acting, but sometimes we confuse adrenaline with good writing. If a TV show makes you feel bad about your body, your soul its time to toss this life clutter.

3. Message boards if you find yourself spending hours reading negative or write negative comments its time to do something else.

4. Cut out shopping for therapy. There is no such thing as retail therapy.  Shopping can be fun but it should never replace real connections, Shopping to make yourself feel better when your sad makes you more sad in the long run. If you are going to spend the money do so on activities like a museum.

Art I love

Thursday, March 1, 2018

How To Save Up For An American Girl Doll, I18 Inch Dolls, Laundry Soap Dilemma,

American Girl Doll Note

This is how to save up for up for an American Girl Doll from the real prince club.

We love the real prince club. Its clean videos that are for families. They do doll sketch comedy,

art, speed draws, tips on making money to buy dolls, crafts, toy thrift hauls.

18 Inch Dolls

The American Girl doll in our house is a second hand doll that my mom, sister and I bought together.

I was going to buy by myself but my Mom and Sister wanted this to be a Family gift.

Secondhand is the way to go.

I personally prefer Our Generation and walmarts My life dolls. The only difference between Our generation and American girl doll is American girl dolls have much better hair. Our generation is a sturdier doll other wise.Our generation deluxe dolls come with the books and some accessories. If you decide you have to have American Girl doll get accessories from Walmart or have your kids make their own. Making fruit stands and cupcake shops can be a lot of fun.

We have a journey girl doll it has an amazing face but wish it would blink. The doll is a great looking doll.

Laundry Soap Dilemma

Why Powdered laundry soap isn't that good a Deal or good for the Earth

You would think that powdered soap is cheaper more earth friendly but its not.

Just because it cost less it doesn't mean its cheaper.

Powdered soap often doesn't dissolve well so I often have to do a load of laundry twice or sometimes three times when I use it.   I can not just do a light cycle in cold water.

I am on the hunt for a good cheap liquid laundry soap I can find in bulk.

News: has a new book coming out Creative Online Millionaire.

sick of sad news check

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How To Make Money On YouTube without ads, Make money From Home, Tiny House Mistakes

I did not put any cookies in this post but have put affiliate codes in others.

Other Weird Ways You Can Make Money From Home or at least Save it.

I was inspired by the video by the real prince club video. I really suggest you watch the video and

the other video how to save for an American Girl Doll. I only do a few side gigs but there so much out there.

1. Pawn shops, you might make much because pawn shops need to make a profit. Its also a good place to pay less for some items. Most jewelry lowers in value when you buy it just like a car. I am not into jewelry but my mother got me a lovely birthstone ring at a pawnshop for me.

2. You can become an Elke Clarke Affiliate Elke Clarke is a top selling designer and artist who teaches people how to make money on art sites like

3. Pet-sitting and pet walking. This is a great way for people who love dogs and are responsible. You need to be able to control the animals and treat them kindly. This isn't for me but my sister on the other hand is amazing with pets.

4. if you are good and making class curriculum you can sell digital copies to teachers and homeschoolers.

5.Be a Zazzle Affiliate. Join Zazzle and then use the blog share buttons to share artists and brands work to make a commission. To be I make a little money from other people who sell my work. Make sure its a blog or website that accepts cookies

Other shops I recommend

6. Reviews. Anything you buy or done or even got free you can review. You must
write if you got paid or a free product.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Halo Top Review

Halo Top Review


We tried Rainbow Swirl and Cinnamon Roll These were by far the best flavors of Halo Top I have tried so Far.

They are really amazingly good better than most premium ice creams I have had. The cinnamon roll was a trade in because Walmart told my husband they did not have peanut butter cup one of his go to flavors. I hope they get superman or super hero Ice Cream

TV find: Amazon Prime Till Debt Do us Part season One

I do not have basic cable, Satulite or cable TV. I do have cable for internet. For TV I do Netflix, Amazon Prime, Roku and DVDS. While this does save me money. I really want to choose what I view Binge view or don't view at all. Gail Vaz-Oxlade is a caring money expert who comes in and shapes in an in debt or finically struggling family. The families can win money and prizes. It can give amazing tips to those couples just starting out.