Saturday, September 2, 2017

Name My New Very Old AG, Halo Top Mint Chip Review

The real prince club wants you to name her TLC American Girl doll

Hallo Top ice cream review: Mint Chip
At 240 calories a pint it is a lovely quality treat.
Its like a fancy ice milk and was pretty tasty.
It has no green dyes.
I would eat this again.

Zazzle Tip: If you use a blog to promote yourself, look for products from other zazzlers to promote that you wished you design or feel you could sell because even If your products don't sell you might make money helping other artist and designers succeed. Think of yourself as more than an affiliate, but an artist and design promoter. What you do is Important.

Red Brown Orange White Modern Abstract Art Lumbar Pillow

< a href="" rel="nofollow">Red Brown Orange White Modern Abstract Art Lumbar Pillow

by ElkeClarkeFineArt

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Opening A Package From Adulting With Children

Amazing artists and designers


I am already in a Christmas mood and its not even September yet.
I feel like watching the best Christmas movie, the Muppet Christmas carol
And drinking hot chocolate.
I haven't yet, but I did read book about Christmas that I might do a future review. I have Christmas ideas for gifts.
I am not planning a Christmas tree but a Christmas tree.

All kinds of pretty

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dolls shouldn't be up this late, eclipse,

Another video from the real prince club

Eclipse just looked out the door not at the sun their photos of that. Didn't want to go blind and I didn't really trust those glasses. What did you do during the eclipse. before the Eclipse I went to get the mail and noticed a few families on their lawn for an Eclipse party. I did wish upon a star. Did you make any wishes and what were they?



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Thursday, August 17, 2017

AG toilet paper craft video, Zazzle is for fine art, promote your zazzle store,

Art Rant: Zazzle is for Fine abstract Art.


zazzle sells lots of birthday cards and funny shirts but
What people don't realize its own of the best places to buy fine art including abstract. There are amazing artists on zazzle.
You can also buy abstract art at any price point.
My own abstract art is on photo prints. Those photo prints in small sizes
Can be less than $1 that is without a sale.
You can also get fine art on magnets, postcards. These products afe also reasonable. You can buy art on real canvas. These are nice and sturdy.
They are amazing.
Zazzle has also added faux canvasses for people who want the look of canvasses but want something more om a budget.
Abstract art and landscaper art mot just for your home but for your office, lobby , or hotel room. Zazzle doesn't allow low quality issues
You can even get fine art on home d├ęcor and kitchen items like mugs and throw pillows. If you are am art lover You might mot realize has amazing fine and modern art
I am not jut doing this article to promote self yes its fun that people find my art or buy art I promoted but that's mot the point there is just so much talent out there. you can get posters an and so much more.

Promote your Zazzle stores or book Just post about your g rated store or book in the comments. Promote yourself its free.

This is my own art you can find it in my Valcreatesart store or in my collections in my abundancelovetrip store. These are faux print all under $25 dollars Elke Clarke Itaya of Itaya designs Itaya does vivid magical landscapes and abstract art. ___

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

3 dollar Barbie food Haul interview with ZazzleHow2

. Any spelling mistakes are due to a war with autocorrect.
Askazombiehousewife Interview With ZazzleHow2
For those who do not know zazzle is a major online store where people can put there art and photos on product and people can buy those products online.
The products are amazing and only printed when a customer buys them.
The artist doesnt have to ship.

When did you start zazzle?


I started designing for Zazzle in April 2008. I was to be an outlet for my photography. Nothing really happened and I kind of forgot about it. Then a few months later I got this idea for a political bumper sticker (It was a presidential election year). I put up the bumper sticker and filed it in the back of mind. A few weeks later, my wife and i were working in the home office and I got a "ding" from my email. One of the bumper stickers had sold (Back in those days, you got a notice when a sale was made not after it was shipped). We were happily surprised and went back to work. A little later "ding", then "ding". We had about 50 "dings" that day and were hooked.

What is your main shop?

Our main shop is . We have about six other smaller ones and have opened and manage shops for some clients.

You created a useful newsletter to help zazzle artists and designers. Can you tell us about the newsletter and website?

Before we created the eNewsletter, we started with our web site . The idea was to provide a source of ideas, information and resources for fellow Zazzlers, mostly newbies and Basic ProDesigners.

The eNewsletter does basically the same thing but it tends to be more about current issues and news you can use now. The blog, found at  generally plays off Zazzle news. For example, the last post was about Collections and why they are now more important due to the update of Z's product page.

I bought one of your how to ebooks can you tell my readers more about your ebooks.


We have done several Zazzle related eBooks over the years. Some had to be retired as Z changed things around and the topics were no longer relevant, such as how why to add html to your descriptions. That was a big money making tactic for us. We are now at four eBooks, The Comprehensive Guide to Marketing and Promoting Zazzle Products, More Products Less Time and for wannabees How To Get Started on Zazzle. The fourth is the newest aimed at bloggers, Zazzle Affiliation For Bloggers. We've developed several tool over the years that we use ourself and have put them out there for others to use. the only one currently available is the RSS Feed Maker For Auto-Marketing Zazzle Products.

We've also added some business tools to the mix. One is the DIY Business Plan and Three Year Accounting and Planning Tool.

It has been fun putting these together. I can't say that we're getting rich but sales cover costs. We have plenty of anecdotal example and comments from folks who have good things to say and are glad this information is out there.

Details and purchasing information can be found on the  for each of these. And we've bundled many of them to save folks 25% over separate purchases.

I have heard you are world travlers can you tell our readers about your travels? I say our beacuse I have contributours to the blog.


Yes, we have traveled all over the world. I think we're at about 40 countries now covering Asia, eastern and western Europe, Scandinavia, Oceana and of course all over the US. Some of our favorite countries have been Fiji, Thailand, Bosnia and Spain. We''re currently in the US and have been for about a year and half. We had a daughter that got married last September and wanted to be there. Right now we are in California and leave in three weeks for 5 months in Panama.


All of our work is online so we can work from anywhere and do. My wife is an accomplished travel writer/blogger and of course you have to travel for that job. Zazzle is a good part of our income stream but we've developed a good number of revenue streams so we are not reliant on any one. It is kind of like when your financial advisor says to diversify your investments. We would counsel to diversify your income.

We are only really able to have this lifestyle because we have also reduced our expenses significantly. Virtually everything we own is in two suitcases. It is surprising how much money you have leftover when you don't have a mortgage, car payment, insurance, monthly utilities, and so much stuff. We do a lot of housesitting which gives us places to stay. Our travel press trips also help keep expenses down.


The travel blog began in 2008 and covers our road to location independence and now our travels. The blog is .

When does your next ebook come out?


Inspiration hasn't hit me yet for a new eBook. We've covered marketing and product creation which is most of the battle. Our eBook The Comprehensive Guide to Marketing and Promoting Your Zazzle Products is bundled with the RSS Feed Maker which is an Excel spreadsheet, so I am not sure it will work on Amazon. If Zazzle Affiliation For Bloggers isn't on Amazon, that one could be next. But since the eBooks are just paying for themselves it is difficult to invest more time in them. Thank you for your purchase.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Ebook Review:

10 Insider Tips on How to Make Money on Zazzle by Elke Clarke
Review by Askazombiehousewife

I have purchased several EBooks on being a zazzle artist and this book is a good one, its short but packed with all sort information. The best part is its free and can be found On With the information provided from this ebook it useful for new and old sellers. I realized I needed to re open some of my smaller zazzle stores with more professional sounding names. I had always wrongly thought of my side stores competition with myself instead of way to make stores with more professional sounding names pinned to my main store. The tips will keep you from wasting your time. The eBook was published when zazzle was doing Freshness score but the ebook is still very relevant and one of the more up to date Ebooks about making money on Zazzle out there. The only real change is Zazzle wants store owners to keep under 100,000 products for designer stores. I highly recommend this ebook.

What is Zazzle?
For those who don't know what zazzle is its a printing company that allows artists, designers and major brands like Disney a new way to sell product. With zazzle you can take your art put it on a shirt , mugs, prints and other products. Customers can then buy what they like and the designer or artist will get a commission. Its a great for artists who haven't been in big galleries to sell their work. With ebooks like Elle Clarke she makes a lot easier.

Who is Elke Clarke?
Elke Clarke is one of the top designers at zazzle and is a diamond seller. That is an elite group of top zazzle designers with highest sales.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fixing Up An OG Doll, weightliffting Challange, Zazzle Tip


doll fixing video by the Amazing Real Prince Club
If your into toys, crafts or are into Zazzle give this YouTube channel a chance.
I have bought several og dolls aka our generation dolls from target on the web.
their hair fizzes a more than American girl dolls but the dolls themselves our high quality and love them.
I wish target would put more our generation books out. I buy accessories at Walmart my life brand. They seem to be pretty good quality. I think eventually want to buy an My life Doll. We also make our own accessories. If you want an American girl alternative that looks like American girl. the American girl mini dolls are cute.

Day 24 of my 30 Day weight challenge
lifted simple weights. The 20th day the ice cream I ate today canceled any exercise out. 24th day did simple weights again.
Zazzle Tip! Only put out products you feel fit your brand. Don't compromise your vision even if it means a few less sales in the short term. You need to think long term. Is going to be just passive income. Do you want all original art? What is your vision for your art? Do you want only vintage? When I first started I realized I wanted only original art no clip art no vintage. While vintage is beautiful it just isn't me. I realized resizing and re coloring clip art and vintage took up more time than doing an original. I am glad I stuck to my design goals Because I think I would be unhappy with myself if I had used art that wasn't mine.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Why Buy From Zazzle? 20. Ways you Can Ruin Your Zazzle store

This a funny video that promotes zazzle, my own art and my zazzle friends.

My Day 10 of weightlifting was a attempt of carrying a bag cement.   Day 11 simple weights.
Day 12 wall press.   

20. Mistakes ZazzlersCan make to Ruin Their Stores
I love running zazzle store do not have ship my art. I like having my art brand being sold through an established site. I love the fact zazzle is a low cost way for me to make extra money. I love the artists. I love the products.

1.Abusing Quick Create: You need to delete anything cut off before you publish it. Customers don't want a bunch of broken text and graphics. Having gaps in art can also be an issue. Make sure text and images fit correctly.
2.Not updating tags:  Every once in a while you need to check your tags and look for mistake.
3. Using Zazzle bestseller list or just sold forums for inspiration: Copying other zazzlers designs just isn't cool but it also can get you kicked off a Zazzle.  Its okay to follow trends its not okay to copy other sellers products. It may make you a couple sales, but in the long run it waters down the market place, and you end up losing. Instead promote those best sellers with your own in your blog and website. You will save time and be affiliates. Zazzle can also shut down your products or your whole site if they find you are blatantly copying.
4. Rating pg13 and R rated products as G: One might think that having a wider audience is better but its not. It can get complaints and your products pulled.
5. Publishing dark texts on dark shirts and not hiding them or deleting them:  Its not the customers job to fix your mistakes in customization. It looks bad and will give you a bad reputation.
6. Not believing in yourself:  I know good artists who rag on their lack of ability. People buy your art. If you honestly don't like the art you create then be an affiliate.
7. Only having products in all your blogs: Product only blogs are great for archives but if you want to keep it interesting write something. If you love to cook write about cooking.
8. Not putting money into your store with profits: That doesn't mean spend what you don't have to but you should put a small part of your business back. Even its $10 for Zazzle and a couple of postcards.
9. Making art that doesn't go with the product. Some funny saying might be outright offensive on a baby shirt. Some styles of abstract art don't look good on shirts.
10.Making one design in 30 colors: I started out as a customer who used Zazzle to buy my sisters art and gifts for my family. Nothing was more frustrated that the sellers who put one design on with 30 different colors. Choose two or three colors of the colors especially if the customers can customize those colors themselves. Too much choice can lead to dissatisfaction.
11. Only making one product: A good zazzle designer doesn't need 8,000,000 products but they need. You can build slowly.
12.  Putting Music on your blog or website:  Music can be blessing or a curse in brick or mortar shopping but its awful in online shopping. Many people do their online shopping on their lunch break and don't need music disturbing their coworkers. When people shop online they also might want to pick their own music, not let you pick it for them.
13. Using zazzle products in new ways without buying samples:  I have had seen sellers get bad reviews for making recipe cards and selling business cards as bookmark. I put my abstract art on photo paper and I bought samples to make sure the product worked as planned. They worked better than expected.
14. Giving up: Do not just close your store your sales aren't perfect. You can always automate pr.
15. Being rude to affiliates: Some years back member some sellers being rude to affiliates who got the bonus for promoting their work instead of them. This was a sale they wouldn't have gotten otherwise. The affiliates work hard. be grateful when anyone promote you.
16. Using key words that do not fit: I found old product a lovely ice cream graphic that I designed. I looked at the key words and they were a mess. I had "ice cream" but then I had ice, and cream as separate tags which were not right.   
17. Taking images off the internet for your store: Just because its google images doesn't mean its free and legal. Even images and photos that our bought and paid for may have rules of how you can use them and if you can resale them.  Also many free to use images might have to be heavy altered and might take more time then created from scratch.
before you decide to use clip art buy a camera and a few art programs. You might discover you have artistic abilities you never realized. 
18. Not having a blog, or website:  Twitter and Pinterest often strips your code so without a blog or website looses you valuable ways to affiliate your own products. You can also add AdSense and other forms of making money .
19. Not having media file on your store:  Media files are a way you can engage future customers  into
Seeing  your products and art in the real world.
20.  Not making collections: Collections are an amazing way to promote more then one product with one link.

other artists

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Interview with Elke Clarke, weightlifting Challenge, zazzle artists

Interview with Elke Clarke, weightlifting Challenge, zazzle artists

Interview with Elle Clarke By Askazombiehousewife Elke Clarke is one of the most successful Zazzle artist designers of all time, reaching Diamond ProdDesigner status.
She was once working in the pharmaceutical industry, but wanted to find a way to make money online being creative.
Zazzle was a perfect fit for her to be able to quit her 9 to 5 job and earn substantial passive income from heart, photos and graphic design.

Askazombiehousewife: What is one tip you would give to new artists?

Make sure you name your Zazzle store with a proper business name, not just something like “Sarah357”. Instead pick a name like “Sarah Jacob Designs”. Your Zazzle store name will help your Zazzle business be branded more easily and then you can use the same store or business name on all your social media accounts. If you don’t want to use your name come up with something generic like “Blue Sky Designs”. Always check to make sure your name you choose is not copyright protected or used by someone else. I quick Google search will tell you if your name brings up any other businesses or famous people’s names. You can also do a trademark search. If you are going put a great number of hours into making virtual products to add to your Zazzle store, you should make sure it has a professional business name and is not infringing on copyright.
I personally made this mistake when I started on Zazzle. My first store I started is named “epclarke”. So is not nearly as easy to promote compared to maybe Now that I have had this store for so long, I don’t want to start a new one just to fix the name. But I always have trouble getting people to easily remember my Zazzle store name.

It seems so simple but your choice for your Zazzle store name makes such a difference in how your store and brand will be recognized by online shoppers. I wish I would have known that tip when I first started.

Askazombiehousewife: I have made that mistake myself. A proper store name is an amazing tool when creating a brand out of ones art.

Askazombiehousewife: Elke Clarke, please tell us about your new business venture teaching artists how to bring in more sales.

As you might have guessed, I have a passion for Zazzle because it has been this amazing business opportunity for me. I have been able to work from home, while doing what I love. I am so happy I found this opportunity, I want other artists, photographers, graphic designers and scrapbookers to know that they can make money online too.
For many years, I have helped coach and mentor people privately to set up successful Zazzle stores. My 27 year old daughter, Jennifer, is one of my success stories. She is now a Gold Level ProDesigner, living her dream life on the beautiful island of Mallorca in Spain, supporting herself solely with her Zazzle earnings.

One day I realized that I can help more people if I put all my steps to success in a course for beginners. That is why I created my Beginners Zazzle Course
People loved my course. But most importantly, people were making sales in the first month after completing the course.

Zazzle is not a get rich quick scheme. Zazzle is a legitimate business platform you can use for free. You create the virtual products in your store and Zazzle takes care of the rest.
If you set things up properly and put in the effort like I did you can earn money on line while you are not working. I have made over $100,000 US every year for the past 5 years from my Zazzle earnings. I worked hard and made a lot of mistakes in the past 10 years on Zazzle, but now I just do upkeep on my stores and make a few new products.

For the past 2 years, I have only worked for about 1 hour a week on Zazzle and still make 6 figures a year.

So people asked if I could do a more Advanced Zazzle Course to teach people exactly what I did to set up my business and grow it to where it is today.

That is why I made the Advanced Zazzle Course VIP Masterclass. It is a combination of an online video course that you can do yourself in a month. But first you need to go through a month long VIP Masterclass so that you have access to me to ask questions and really get the right start. You can email me, post questions in the private Facebook group, there are weekly live Q & A sessions and 2 conference calls after the course is done, so you can still ask questions once more things are completed from the course. After the month VIP Masterclass you have life long access to all the videos and worksheets and tools and the Facebook Live Q&A sessions. I am here to help you be successful on Zazzle.

There is no use doing a lot of work if you do not get set up properly with the right tools and make the right choices. That is what the Advanced Zazzle Course is all about. It is not only a month long course, but it is a monthly planner with all the steps laid out with worksheets and checklists so you can follow my system and use the tools I use to be successful on Zazzle.

The Advanced Zazzle Course gives you 10 years of my knowledge about what works and does not work so that you don’t have to waste time learning from scratch. The July Masterclass is in progress. The members are loving the course and have had many AH HA moments which will help them tremendously with earning money on Zazzle. In fact 2 weeks into the course, people are already seeing more sales from things they used in the course.

There are 2 more VIP Masterclass Advanced Zazzle Course sessions in 2017, September and November. Enrollment for September 5, 2017 start date is now open. You can enroll through this link.

Askazombiehousewife: links to three products of yours that you loved creating.
1. This t-shirt is one of the first products I made. It has not sold too many times but I get a laugh out of it each time I see that it has been purchased. It meas someone else has my strange sense of humor about new husbands. Now the wife is the new management!

2. This baby birth announcement is so sweet. I have 3 kids, 1 girl and twin boys. They are grown adults now, but I would have definitely bought this baby announcement card back when my twins were born.

3. I love creating personalized pillows. This one is a favorite of mine because it is rustic but still modern and fits well in many people’s houses. I love that it can be a thoughtful gift someone could purchase for a friend at any time of the year.

Askazombiehousewife: Elke Clarke what is your favorite cake?
That is easy! My favorite cake is chocolate brownie. But I have recently gone on the Blood Type Diet and am not allowed any grains!! So not even gluten free. But I will treat myself with a great brownie. The Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie mix is THE BEST.

Askazombiehousewife: We love brownies as well. We mostly bake simple scratch Brownies in my house but anything with Ghirardelli is amazing.

Askazombiehousewife: Is there an artist whose work you love?
This is a harder question to answer because I love so many different styles of art and love collecting artworks. I also like to support local and Canadian Artists, so I have some Joe Average, Brian Atyeo and Zoltan Szabo originals. I also like Romero Britto and Roy Lichtenstein.

Askazombiehousewife: Do you go by a schedule or are you more a free spirt?
When I started on Zazzle, I was using a schedule to make sure I made the right number and type of products. Now I am more of a free spirit because I put all these things in place that are already working for me. So I can do things for pure enjoyment.

Askazombiehousewife: What is your favorite fruit and veggie? You can name more than one.
I love mangos and peaches. So I am glad those are on my Blood Type Diet list of things I can eat. My new favorite veggie is spinach. I would have never said that 2 years ago. But I have lost 25 pounds and feel great, so eating spinach and kale salads with chicken are now my favorite.
Askazombiehousewife: I Also highly recommend you pick up a free ebook entitled "10 insider Tips on How to Make Money on Zazzle" On the website you can also find her blog on the site with many free how to articles and posts.
I want to thank you, Askazombiehousewife, for interviewing me and having me on your fabulous blog. I really enjoy reading your posts and looking at the products you showcase.

I wish you continued success with Zazzle stores.
All the best
Elke Clarke

30 day weightlifting challenge Day Eight
Forcing myself to weightlift today but I feel better now it's done.

Art by abundancelovetrip Amazing Art from other artists