Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Super Bowl Ads 2019

Book Review
Make It, Bake it, Sew it or Grow it By Kate Singh
Review Unicorn Frugality 
A very inspiring way to look at simplicity and going back to old fashioned homemaking, frugality and thrift. Why we should learn from the great depression.
Its about Kate's Start of her Journey on reducing her costs by making things herself.
My husband and I have been into DIY a lot lately. The book is short and sweet.
I would have finished it in an evening but I had other things to do so it took two days.
Its also super cheap.  None of Kate's books are over $2.00.
I cannot wait till Kate's Next Book.

Super Bowl Ads 2019

Ask A Zombie Housewife

I don't blame the half time show.  The bands are good but they usually have poor sound quality
and limited things you can do with the time

The ads are my favorite part of the super Bowl.

Usually the super bowl has some amazing ads but this super bowl had more boring ads than Usual.
When Devore foods isn't your worst Advert your in trouble.

Ones I loved. Planters, M&Ms and Pringles at least they had some humor.   I don't drink Alcohol but the bud light ones were good.   I wanted to eat Pringles, M&Ms and Planters.
NFL 100 was a great one.

Microsoft and Amazon both did amazing ads even though I saw the Microsoft ones before.

I don't drink soda regularly I aim for once or twice a month b or sometimes once every couple of months but the Pepsi Okay advert did make me want to buy a caffeine free diet Pepsi.   My dad when he was alive loved diet Pepsi.  It drive would him crazy when restaurants didn't offer it.

The coke ad was cute but not memorable it was just Okay.

The worst of the worst: the one with the mermaids and spiked water. (I am not putting the name up on purpose. It was so bad.) 

Bad Bad ad: Devore Frozen foods.  It wasn't charming it was creepy, depressing and boring.  It made me not want to eat frozen food.

Semi Bad: Captain Marvel (I am sure the movie is awesome but the trailer was cut weird and the voice over annoying.)
Infact most of the movie trailers were just bad only the Handmaid's Tale looked interesting and I don't watch mature shows.  (Hulu Pg 14 cut pretty please)

Only semi Okay: Stella Artois it was almost cute but not super bowl worthy. It felt like.