Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Incase you didn’t realize it 3 people work on this blog now and I hope to add a fourth within the year. I did this because I felt this would lead to a better blog with more interesting creative points of view. I never wanted this to be the typical art and abundance blog.

Updates about me Valentine’s has come and went and my kids had a happy day full of candy and cards.

In the past few weeks I’ve been building myself up spiritually and creatively. I am doing that change up that I talk so much on this blog. I am being the change.

I’ve been working on a huge article for the blog on encouraging children to read since January. It’s been basically what I have been doing for the past 7 or 8 years. I read a lot articles on the subject and they all basically said the same things so I decided to share what I have learned. It’s taking longer than what I thought. I'm working on some new art as well.

My art

Dare to Think 5.544 iPhone 5 Case
Dare to Think 5.544 iPhone 5 Case by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Lou and Itaya's Art Art by others

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Crafts, Valentine's Day Art, Create Your Own Tutorials

Valentine's Day is almost here and I've been inspired with a few tutorials and videos that I'd like to share with you.

The first tutorial comes from Grow Creative and is a Watercolor Resist Valentine's Card Tutorial.

This would be an awesome and easy project to do with your little ones or to experiment with yourself. You simply use a white crayon to draw and write your Valentine's Card and then fill in with watercolors for a really neat effect.

This video has more cute homemade Valentine's Day card ideas! Watch and be inspired to create your own version of these cute cards.

Next we have some Art Designs for this week's features. I thought I would stay with the Romance and Hearts theme.  :) 

Reckless Heart Original Painting Pins
Reckless Heart Original Painting Pins by Itayasdesigns
Create one-of-a-kind customs buttons online at Zazzle.

Half an Apple Pin
Half an Apple Pin by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Love Heart Field Pins
Love Heart Field Pins by inspirationzstore
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I hope you are in a very Valentiny mood now. Do you plan to make your own Valentine's Day cards and gifts this year? Please share your creative ventures with us!  :)

Sending You Lots of Creative Love,

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Generosity Experiment, Valentines, free PR day

Today is a great Family day and I love the time I am getting to spend with them. I wrote some of this post last night so I could have more time with family. I was going to post it Monday but realized there was a short window to post today.

Change up Your Life: The Generosity Experiment


As part of my quest to be more thankful and feel more gratitude I thought I’d work on generosity. I don’t believe the science of getting Rich has it right when the author thinks charity is unimportant. What would you add to the list? Some of these things might be different.

1. Be generous with my smile. More people aren’t smiled at enough.

2. Be generous with reading to my children

3. Be generous with promoting other zazzlers and not just promoting myself. Great artists need to know that they are worth promoting.

4. Be generous with my gifts of books to my little ones. Give the gift of reading.

5. Be generous to myself with the amounts of water I give it. I need to learn to drink more water.

6. Be generous to the school donate more by donating school supplies and treasure box gifts to the class.

7. Be generous with fun.

If you have a G rated Zazzle, shop, G rated ebook, kids book, g cookbook, or Etsy shop, you can promote your stuff right in your comments. Promote as many as 15 shops. No stars or referral numbers please as to not to mess up the contributors referrals.

My Valentines Valentines This are my new valentines they can be customized with names and even turned into belated valentines incase you forgot about the day

Love coupon: I will make you candy
Love coupon: I will make you candy by AbundanceLoveTrip
See other Love coupn Postcards at zazzle
Love Postcards
Love Postcards by AbundanceLoveTrip
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More Valentines by the other artists who post on this Blog

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Amazon Prime and How I Got Free Movies

I love shopping online and Amazon is my go to place to find good deals on everything from specialty shampoos to popcorn machines at fabulous prices. Amazon Prime means it comes from their warehouse and not a secondary seller. All products come with free shipping if you spend 25 dollars or more on Amazon Prime items, other sellers set their own shipping on many products. Books are a set rate of 3.98, CDs and DVDs are 2.98.
Solitude Doodle Speaker Design From Painting
Solitude Doodle Speaker Design From Painting by Itayasdesigns
Check out Solitude Speakers online at zazzle
Amazon Prime members get adding bonuses, membership is 79 dollars a year, but there are ways to maximize your savings to make the most of your money. Free two day shipping on most Prime items, excluding add-ons. If you are not a Prime member you will not know what these add-ons are. They are smaller cheaper items that can only have free shipping if you pay 25 dollars or more. These are items that would cost more to ship than the actual item. These are normally 2 to 5 dollar items such as shampoos and soaps. What I do is make a wish list of these items that I need and then buy them together or buy them when I am getting a more expensive item.
Happy Christmas "Little red" Rapunzel Plates
Happy Christmas "Little red" Rapunzel Plates by AbundanceLoveTrip
View Little red riding hood Plates online at zazzle
Amazon has free Prime movies for their members. You can watch these movies over your computer, over your internet blu-ray systems or over your Roku box and even on your Kindle fires and over your Kindle fire HD players. You just need to follow the steps and link your account to the player of your choice. If you have or buy a Kindle fire for yourself, you accounts will be automatically linked to your Prime membership. Free Prime books from their extensive lending Library. You can read these on your computer or Kindle products. If you love to read this will be great for you. They have thousands of books in their rotating Library. Most importantly you and can even make a few dollars of your fees back. Over the holiday season I made 26 dollars back in free movie rentals. During the Christmas season they have huge discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but these deals have to be bought right away, within fifteen minutes of clicking on it and placing it in your cart you have to purchase it or it will go someone else. Many of these were DVDs that were only 1.97 and blu-rays that were as low as 4 dollars. Every time I bought an item like this I'd buy it right away and pick a slower shipping rate. I didn't need these in items in 2 days and since I picked a shipping time of 3-5 days, I'd get 1 dollar and free movie rentals each time. A year ago I couldn't buy any of their deals because after putting it in my cart, I'd have to buy more items to get free shipping and I'd would have spent more money than I was saving, so I missed out on a lot of deals. I got more free rentals by buying electronics that came with free Amazon movie rentals as well. I needed an extra Roku box for myself, buying it gave me 5 more dollars in free movies, plus getting the slower shipping gave me even more movie promotional codes. You don't have to plug in codes either, you can rent them and they money is automatically deducted from your available codes. I don't remember the rental code for our old Roku box, so I rent the movies on our Kindle fire and play it back on our roku. So what did I do with all this digital cash? I bought Napoleon Dynamite the Animated Series for 9.99, digitally buying it was the only option to see it, since it's not available to rent and is not on blu-ray or even DVD. I rented ParaNorman, Hotel Transylvania which I loved, Frankenweenie, Rocket Man, Holes and Men in Black 3. Even through the last of the codes, expired at the end of last month I still haven't seen all of the movies, because when you rent them you have a full month before they expire. When you push play, you only have 24-48 hours to watch it. I had 48 hours on ParaNorman, so I saw it 3 times, Hotel Transylvania I only had for 24 hours so I saw it only twice, but I loved and will some day buy it on blu-ray.