Monday, September 15, 2014

Discovery comics, thankful list

I want to tell you about discovery comics

You should no longer fear your children reading comics. Discovery comics are educational. They sent a few comic books and I am amazed by the amount of titles.

There is a comic activity guide called operation back yard that teaches composting. One of the titles was a Visit to an Animal hospital which in only 12 pages give extensive information on animal care.

While learning comic books aren't right for every child they can be a nice short way to introduce a subject. Children with autism ADHD and other learning disorders sometimes prefer reading in a comic book forum.

Comic books are a great way for age appropriate learning tools for reluctant reader. Also a discovery comics has jem of a non educational comic called popcorn. Short Graphic Novels like Popcorn are a good way to get kids who hate to read into readers.

Thankful list

husband, family





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Monday, September 8, 2014

Living Large in Any Size Home

Large living in Any Size home

Here is a secret to making space bigger I have a nice sized home but have lived in small apartment. But these tips can help a small house or apartment feel bigger and a bigger house feel comfortable and or cozy. A huge house might be a poor choice for a family if most of the rooms are extra living rooms and few bedrooms. While 175 square feet tiny homes are romantic they can be as impractical as 4,500 square foot mcmasnions.

1. Make use of light

2. Get rid of dark rugs go for light color resilient vinyl, light wood, or even linoleum

3. A two bed room can seem a lot bigger if the kids have their own beds. Children need their own space even if they share a room. Bunk beds aren't always the safest option.

4. A 700 sq feet with one and a half bath will be more useful to a family then a 1,500 square feet and only one bath room. at least a half bath is recommended if you have children.

5. Get of things you don't use. Clutter is a huge problem in making a big house fill cramped.

6. Make use of wall art. Wall art can add pizazz to a home without taking up too much room if you buy smaller prints.

7. Sometimes it is not clutter but furniture that is just way to big for the home that makes it feel cramped.

8. By converting a toilet to a toilet sink combo you can have a smaller bathroom. I don't have this but I want one 9. Is it feasible to convert a walk in closet to a small bedroom? Can you legally convert a basement to a bedroom. some cities and planned communities have restrictions.

10. Its a one bedroom apartment can you convert the bedroom to the kids room/nursery and then get a sleeper sofa for yourself.

11. Darker wall paints can make a larger 2,000 plus square foot house seem cozy but if you want your house to look bigger use brighter colors.

12. Buy a kindle for ebooks you can store a huge library of books on one machine. ipad can also be useful for virtaul games books but do not get the smaller gig one.

13. Do you have too many toys. Can you bribe family members for cutting things

14. Wall art can change a rooms look without repainting the whole room.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Turning Old Furniture into Something New.

Painting and distressing old tired furniture can give your house a entirely new look. You can have a big change for a lot less money than buying something new. This dresser was three hundred dollars in the store, but if you have a dresser that isn't worth much money, you could do something like this. You could prime, work out a pattern with painter's tape and then paint. After you have painted all your layers, allow to fully dry and then use sandpaper to ruff up the edges a bit for a worn antique look. Another helpful hint is to find a picture of what you would like to recreate in the store. You could also use the photo to help decorate after you are finished with your project. Many higher end furniture stores have staggers to make the store look it's best.
This is one of those pressed cardboard put together yourself media cases. First of clean and dry, ruff it up a little and then prime and paint. I then used mod podge and fancy Christmas wrapping paper bought for half price at walmart and after everything was dry I replaced the knobs with better looking ones I bought at a yard sale. This entire updated look was less than 10 dollars. This photo is from Wikipedia. One last idea to use mod podge and old letters or fake old letters and over your dresser. You cold even use pages from a favorite book that is in bad condition.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cute Zombies 2

Cute Zombies

I decided to celebrate kind of cute kind of childlike zombies that often get ignored for Halloween. Because their bigger scarier brain eating cousins get all the press doesn't mean cute zombies should be ignored. They can be dangerous and disarming because of their soft looks and more friendly appearance. The zombie horde of cuteness is about to begin.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Creepy Wedding

The Creepy Wedding is not really all that creepy, the truth is it is rather cute and is just sprinkled with a touch of creepy. It's in the line of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey art, and the best part is that it is was drawn by myself and is the one thing I'm most proud of, it is at my Loudesigns shop which can be found at This is my most popular wedding design. I've sold about 500 of this type of invitation and have sold even more products of this design. Why am I telling you this, not to toot my horn...I make only 10 to 14 percent on any of my products, but I want to show you how to use products like this that can be bought cheaper in bulk and can be completely customized to fit your own needs. I will do all of this with a Gothic flair, because I will use my products as examples. There are plenty of Goths, punks and Emus who chose to marry everyday, well maybe not every day, but you see where I am going with this. People need to fit their own personal style into their wedding no matter what that style is, which is why I created three or four different Creepy wedding couples. The ironic thing is that I didn’t think it would sell, because it was not until I sold 165 of the second creepy wedding that the first one sold 455 invites and 90 thank you notes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Share your Blessings

Summer my husband bought our first girl barbeque this summer. My husband was buying a smaller barbeque but the bigger one was on sale for the same price. It has been doing nicely for the summer and my husband has even tried corn on it. The corn was yummy by the way. What are your favorite foods.

Saying The things you take for granted someone else is praying for

Share We can take our blessing for granted. Share your blessings, a zazzle, book or etsy sell, a birth of a family member, a family outing, a birthday, a hug, a good book you read, a great song you heard, a good recipe tried? Just write your blessings in the comment section

cupcake Kawaii Favor Box
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day

Mothers Day. I loved spending time with my children and husband this mother's day. I hope you had a lovely time with your mother's, children and or family. If you forgot to call then you can do something today like take her out to lunch, send a post card or draw a picture.

Thankful List

husband and kids

Drawings from children






video games

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring and Easter Crafts, Spring Artwork and Designs

Hello Everyone and Happy Spring! If you celebrate the Easter holiday, Happy Easter. Spring is just about here in the Pacific NW, USA. Our temperatures seem to be a bit warmer each day. Although I don't care for really hot temperatures, it will be nice to have things warm up some.

Each season brings fun craft projects to do with the kiddies. If you will be coloring eggs for Easter, take a look at the link above on the Frugal Girls site. They also have a page filled with more fun Easter crafts that could just as easily be used for spring time. Their site is filled with loads of fun. Visit this List of Easter Crafts and see if you don't end up staying for awhile.  :)

Now on to some Spring time artwork.

Marigold Card
Marigold Card by loudesigns
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Bluebells Flowers Cards
Bluebells Flowers Cards by Itayasdesigns
More Bluebells Cards

I hope you are having a very lovely spring time thus far. Let me know if you find any crafts you might try in the links above!

Many Blessings,

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Taking Children's Education into Your Own Hands, promote your zazzle store for free

Promote your zazzle or children's ebook for free

Just write about your stores in the comment section. G rated stores only please. Just the link to the stores only. You can promote up to 10 stores as long as you do a description to each store. Please no poltical stores though green stores are okay. For books children's or cookbook, print or ebook may also be promoted. Etsy or zibbet stores also may promoted

No spam, please if your product does not relate to the ones asked for then do not post.

Taking Children's Education into Your Own Hands

this lens' photo With all the books learning gadgets there a lot of super expensive learning tools some fantastic and some not so fantastic. An ipad or new computer can be a great learning tool but improperly used it can be a distraction. There are also a lot of pricey useless teaching tools Like the 700 dollar curriculum that belongs more into the garbage heap than teaching children with. My own mother spent more 100 dollar on books for my sister's education that wasn't useful for her but was useful to me. Just because some educational tools are good for one child doesn't mean it's good for another. I like learning to be fun


Make it Yourself

Do not belittle your own creativity. I am an artist ex writer. I have never been very crafty. I needed a rhyming flip book to teach words, speech and reading but the flip book was not only over $20 but would take weeks to ship. I didn't have the time. I got discarded magazines and a cheap spiral notebook. I cut out the pictures. I glued in the photos wrote the words in. You can also take photos and use as well. It was just what I needed. It wasn't pretty but it was pretty awesome.

I also made children books to read on the computer with simple words to teach.

Use the talents you have: I can't crochet so teaching my kids crochet is not for me, but I can make paper dolls. I started making the paper doll because one of my kids wanted scantily clad dolls and I didn't want to give the co money just to have make clothes for it. So I made paper dolls. The dolls were a hit but I want to expand them with teaching moments.

Reward stickers

Sometimes a little reward will be helpful with teaching but not with money but something small. I personally like using TV time, video game time, bed and even phone as a reward.

Calculator Love Stickers
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Friday, March 7, 2014

Be Safe On The Web

You have to be safe on the internet. It boggles my mind that companies won't let you have the same user name as someone else, but they'll let you have the same password. What is this most common password? Well, ridiculously it's just password or password-123. Strong passwords can be the first line of defense of your banking information, photos, credit cards and all other manor of things we do on the web everyday. Another mistake is having one strong password and using it for everything. The problem is that if they hack into one account, they have all of them. I write my strong passwords in a book that I keep safe at home and I can hardly ever find. I guess my theory is that if I don't know my password neither will the criminals. I'm writing this blog, because I happened upon my book and said why not. Be careful of fake hotspots, I try to put my tablet into airplane mode when traveling. I do this because if I don't, my tablet will be looking for open wifi networks and your never know if it is just a business or a criminal you're linking up to. Some people think that just because they're are fewer viruses for ipads and kindles that you're completely safe, but it's a false sense of security. Only download apps from trusted sites. Sometimes higher risk items can through. TrustGo Security is one of many apps that will scan your apps as soon as you download them and tell you if your tablet is at risk or not. Like the app Vampire Wars, which is a knock off of a beloved game that was once on facebook, because of this blind love of the game, they don't realize they are at risk. I don't know why it was high risk and I didn't ask, I just removed it from my kindle. BAD PROGRAMS! A few days my mother clicked on a pop-up that was called Windows Internet Booster, that said our computer was under attack, but the only ones attacking us was Windows Internet Booster, because it is a Trojan Horse program. These programs attack your computer by not letting get on the internet, by not letting you run your actual internet security programs to get rid of them and by telling you everything you click on is infested with viruses or is a proxy for hackers. They won't clean your PC unless you buy their full version of their program for 100 dollars. This is a scare tactic, saying your computer is full of viruses and we can't let you access your stuff because it's dangerous, they're holding your computer hostage. And they're not a real security program so even if your computer is full of viruses they won't do anything about it. My mother knew right away it was a scam. Microsoft Security Essentials which is our real program never asked us for money and by clicking around I knew it was a scam as well. They accused me of having a program on my computer that downloads stolen movies and music. This is also scare tactic. Well I never download movies and music I don't have the right to, it's wrong and unsafe for your computer. However they are "banking" on people who are doing illegal things being too scared to question them and just paying up. I fell victim to this myself about ten years ago, my brother in-law helped me get rid of the program. How to avoid, know your security program and don't click on a pop-up named Windows Booster. This is just one in a long line of evil programs with similar names. So you clicked on did I. Now you can't get on the internet to get rid of it. I got on my tablet and looked for easy fixes. I found this website that explained everything. First turn off your computer and turn it back on. You're supposed to click F8 when you first hear that sound that your computer is starting, but I speakers don't work so I just turned it on and kept clicking F8 until the page I needed opened. Click on Safe mode with networking then you can open this antimalware site download the their antimalware program. You'll have to because your security program probably still won't work, mine didn't. This will take a few hours. Run a full scan on the my antimalware program and then purge the programs they tell you and when your computer shuts down and comes back on your computer will be safe and work again.
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I would love to have your comments and hear about your computer security issues.