Monday, June 13, 2011

Dad's week

I have a lot to do today.

We are having father’s day all week in my house. First I had the girls make cards for dad Saturday. Sunday I sent virtual Cards to my husband’s in box which he got today. Today I went shopping. I got cake mix, frosting cookie mix and a few snacky items. I usually make cookies from scratch but I am making them with the little ones.

At the hunger site they also have link to to donate mamograms to women for free by clicking and looking for ads. Make this link part of your tabs.

My sister Lous comp has been down. It should be up soon again.

Hearing about fake blogs in the newbie’s I just wanted to remind everyone I am not a real zombie. I am a homemaker/artist/writer though a very clumsy one.
The title of the blog came from a short story which later became my comic strip and blog title.


My latest abstract

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  1. How nice of you to feature my Retro Stripes Recipe Binder! Much appreciated! <3 There are such wonderful designs featured here, it is indeed an honour ^_^

    LOL! You aren't a zombie?! ;P

  2. You are such a good wife and mom! How awesome that you are honoring your hubby all week long. :)

    Thanks for featuring my Fire Down Below Bus. Card design!! As always, I do appreciate every little and big thing that you do. :)

  3. Itaya I love your art :-)
    Just love promoting you :-)