Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doctor Who, New zazzle Canvas

Had family fun over the weekend

Doctor Who

I grew up whatching Dr. and Star trek
I am a sci-Fi geek.

My sisters and I would put laundry baskets on our heads pretending to be Dalek’s.
We’d scream. “Exterminate, Exterminate.”

I also wish the BBC books were still open to unsolicited manuscripts. I will admit I would love to write a book of short stories for the six doctor. Colin baker was miss treated in his stint of the Dr.

I enjoyed the 9th and ten doctors a lot, but what’s with Doctor Who writers killing off most of the time Lords?

How could they kill off Susan and Ramona? How can the Doctor not tell his daughter Jenny is alive? He’s supposed to be able to feel another time lord’s presence even one generated like her.

Is Ramona disguised as human is she stuck in utopia or could they not get the rights to her character.
Why other time lords are needed.

1. Spin offs we need more
2. So the doctor charcture won’t be so lonely but the joyful traveler once again.
3. They could still give the doctor more generations without having to kill everyone else.

Zazzle has canvas prints now
I had a blast making these over the last few days.

Zazzle Finds

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  1. Thank you for featuring the Canvas print of my Painting! I love your canvas prints! Especially the broken heart one! Very cool. Love the colors and designs in the others as well. You are so creative! :)