Friday, October 14, 2011

New art, Adoption:Steve Jobs, Happy Birthday Kirk Cameron, Zazzle art finds

My new Art

Steve Jobs passed on and that is sad news.
I wish he would have lived another 40 years.
Steve jobs was a wanted baby when he was adopted his parents.
He was wanted by his birth parents to have a better life.

Happy Birthday Kirk Cameron
The net is a buzz story behind Kirk Cameron’s birthday photo.
Oh my goodness Cameron had a small office party with subway and cake instead of a big Hollywood style party with lots of “friends”. Most of Hollywood and news reaction seems to be different than people responding to the article. The Hollywood set thought it was sad.
Most people who responded said that Kirk has a job, subway and cake that’s pretty good birthday that bloated Hollywood parties are not what regular people have. It's not bad if people have big parties but most people are thankful for the small office parties of the real world.

Zazzle finds

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  1. Thank you for featuring my iPhone cover! I overlooked this post so sorry for the delay. Love your 'Find Me Sad' canvas art! Nice and darkly lovely. :)