Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Christmas Shelf, Christmas Movies, Thankful Thursday

The Christmas Shelf
I keep low key Christmas decorations
I don’t do a tree but some decorations. This year I decided to start a tradition of a holiday shelf.
This season is Christmas. I have a nativity set some green tinsel, eclectic candle and a Christmas card or two. It makes the house fill with the holiday spirit, but it’s not overwhelming its easy to put up and put down. It’s great for people with small space or on a budget.

I started with a Halloween shelf but I couldn’t wait till Halloween was over to start the Christmas Shelf.

Christmas movies
I watch movies like the Muppet Christmas Carol which is one of the better Christmas Carol productions. '
While it is wacky. The music is beautiful and it actually keeps some of the prose from the original story.

Thankful Thursday
I am thankful for my family
I am thankful for the love of people
I am thankful for hugs
I am thankful for christ
I am thankful for Christmas

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  1. Thank you for featuring my Necklace design!

    I love your Christmas shelf idea!! You are so creative and clever. Sometimes I just want a little bit of decoration and this is a wonderful way to express it. :)

    I am thankful for amazing people like YOU that help make this world so much brighter for everyone!!

    Merry Christmas Dear Val.

  2. favorite Christmas movie to watch is A Christmas Story!!

    Every year I watch this movie and it makes me burst out laughing. :)