Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thomas Kinkade Dies at age 54

Thomas Kinkade Dies at age 54
The cause of his death is unknown at this time.
He was hated by the art establish but loved by the masses. He is one of the most collected artists in the form of prints in the US. Most of what sold in his galleries are embellished prints because you’re not going to get original for 2,000 dollars. That’s just the art market for his work because he’s popular. He also sold on home d├ęcor.
Some of cottages weren't my thing but to tell the truth they are well done.
I think his cottages needed fairies. :-)Some of his Disney stuff is really well done.
Kinkade did some city landscapes that I felt were more to my liking but not as popular as his other works.
Even illustrators are artists. Even Mall Art is art to those who appreciate it. The art world hatred towards him I think had nothing to do with him being a Christian, or his struggle with Alcohol. I don’t think it has anything to do with his art. It he made prints for regular people. He gave people what he wanted.
Everyone can enjoy art and that’s something he gave. Art should be for the artist but also should be for people. Its commercial art.
I also have family members who love most Kinkade’s work and one of them is supper intelligent.
I feel bad for his family's loss.

Enjoy the art you like without people telling you what to like.
There are some popular art world artists I don't care for. There are lots of independent small artists the art world doesn’t promote who I choose to decorate my home with.
If you like cute Kawaii art, or abstract or trees than let that be your art.
If you like art you got in the Mall, the van Gogh print, or the big eyed child painting you got at a yard sale that’s your art. I like to collect prints from Zazzle on postcards, photo prints and mugs. I also like quirky amazing original art.

I think art is more than some gallery telling me used garbage lined in room is art.
Art is what you fell it is not what someone tells you it is.

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  1. Great article and I agree. Art is definitely a personal preference.

    My taste in art has changed and shifted several times through my adult years and will probably continue to shift as I grow older.

    I send out my blessings and loving thoughts to his family.