Wednesday, October 3, 2012

World’s Worst Cupcakes, free ads



World’s Worst Cupcakes, free ads, my art

World’s Worst Cupcakes

Its getting closer to Halloween. I made the World's worst Cupcakes the other day. Okay maybe not the world’s worst but Carlo’s Bakery and Georgetown Cupcake won’t be hiring me any time soon. These cupcakes were little indented crispy pucks. I poured wells of colored corn syrup which softened them a bit. The frosting was off but not bad. I couldn’t find my go too frosting recipe and the recipe I used had too little fat. They did look like Halloween cupcakes but not in a good way. One my kids loved the cupcakes but I think she just like the frosting and well of colored corn syrup.

Free Add Day

Free Ad day put an add for your zazzle, etsy, shop or for your kids ebooks in the comment section of the blog. G shops only, No RF numbers. Halloween Décor This Year I am printing out my own art and my youngest is coloring it.

Here is my latest art

My art if you want to refer and promote my art my store is Most people here no about zazzles affliate program but if not there is a how to on

I did this Halloween Postcard a few days ago to make a friend laugh.

I made it on iphone 5 cover 2 Posted by Askazombiehousewife at 5:51 AM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Labels: abstract art, cellphone covers, Halloween, halloween postcard, haloween cards, iphone 5, iphone5, kawaii, pillow, plate, ugly cupcakes My new cupcake shop apron Abstract Modern art Plate


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