Monday, August 26, 2013

Make Money With Zazzle without being an Artist or if you Are One

Note to artists on zazzle please read the article before placing any links in the comment section. If you have g shop you make put a link to your store in hopes readers of this article will promote your store. No referral numbers are stars this is to make it easy for you to promote your work. You must describe your artwork. You may promote up to 15 shops. 1. No political products that are violent 2. No dirty jokes. 3. No nudity. 4. No R or pg13 products listed as G.

I am republishing this soon.


  1. Great tips Val and I can attest that one can be an affiliate on Zazzle and promote other folk's artwork and make a bit on the side. I've promoted other artist and designers as well as others have promoted mine and gotten a percentage of the sales. :)

  2. Actually the advantage of using online jobs to earn money is that jobs are aviable for both skilled and non skilled workers.

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  3. This is a great, informative article. Yes, you can make money with other people's art on zazzle and it's not stealing! I think this affiliate program is a great idea.

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  5. This is very informative, thank you. My products are mainly created from my paintings and drawings and I tend to paint floral designs and wildlife- with a few exceptions.

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