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How to Gain Twitter Presence for indi Business Artists

Are you a Artist or Crafter? Do you use zazzle to sell your art? How do you promote?

Promotion ideas for Zazzle Artists

1. To promote art its best to use more visual promotions, artist samples, (I do postcards and other small photo prints I keep in my purse.) These are not expensive and beyond having just business cards.

2. Blogs are cheap and visual but I am not a fan of blogs that have nothing but products. I like content even if its look at the art award I won or I got featured on zazzle. I still think content is king. I have contributors to my blog. On their day they get to use their referral codes and promote me and the other contributors. This saves time promoting. Its specially good in summer months.

3. Make sure your shop stands out. Don't just copy popular brands. If you see a product you like but didn't create refer it. You can make money off that referral without watering down the marketplace.

4. Don't forget to promote during the summer. You don't need to spend 24/7 promoting but take some time to promote.

5. Go through your shop and hide any cut off products. You want your art/products to look nice and if you have lots of ill-fitting designs who will want to buy it.

6. Don't spam other sellers stores with pleas to have them join your facebook page. That is really impolite. Its not going to help you and will just annoy everyone.

Promoting With Twitter twitter may not be as visual but it can can be useful for telling people about blog updates. Its good when you want to get a short piece of news out there.

Twitter Tips

1. Quality followers count I've seen people with 400 followers have more sales from selling their product than those with over 1,000. Twitter for most people is best for sending short information to past costumers. Follow most of these high quality followers back.

2. Use tweet deck if you have a mega list of followers. .

3. Don't follow people till you have at least 20 posts. You need people to get a flavor of your posts and 3 is not a good sample..

4. ER Aka Retweet (Repost) other people's posts. It's helpful, builds followers and gives the originator credit. .

5. Make sure your posts are short enough to RT (Repost). .

7. Do not make twitter your only way to promote. Disney just doesn't tweet they have a business plan. Top sellers might also have blogs, squidoo pages, and business cards. .

8. You can use your blog posts to tweet so you are not promoting directly.

Business Cards

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