Friday, February 7, 2014

Promotion Tips for Zazzlers, free promo day

Promotion Tips for Zazzlers

I used to promote for 6 hours a day with little return. Here are some things I learned. You don't need to be a PR expert to promote yourself.

Check for quality problems and hide products that have mistakes or you no longer feel fit with direct link only.

Twitter sometimes strips codes but twitter is a fast way to promote and a good way to build views. You can tweet your blog if your code is important. To get followers, Retweet or repost messages you like giving the original poster credit. Never buy followers a seller with 300 people who actually buy their products is worth more than someone with 30,000 fake twitter followers.

Promote the sites you love. If you love pinterest promote that way but they do strip codes. If you want to get followers on pinterest, make comments, follow people you like.

Facebook, blogs and personal websites don't strip referral codes.

Don't promote via squidoo. Squidoo not like Zazzle links and even got rid of their zazzle module. If you want to do squidoo fine but its no longer a good way to promote art and it takes a lot of time. Join others to share a blog. If you have 4 writers each doing one or two blog entries a month, each promoting each other products and the blog you save a lot of time.

Free Promo day

post an adver for G zazzle rated store in the comment section Talk about your art and why you do it. Place the links up to 14 stores. You also may post about kids books and ebooks, your cook books and ebooks homemade jewelry or art you sell on etsy, artfire and ziibbit. No spam please. If your product doesn't fit do not place it here. Please no political stores with dart board that have any faces of real people on it. No referral codes please.

Rabbit and Owl, Woodland Animals Custom Size Posters
Rabbit and Owl, Woodland Animals Custom Size Posters by Itayasdesigns
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A day in Paris France Postcards
A day in Paris France Postcards by loudesigns
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