Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Little Art People, Simple Change For Good

Outward success is not fulfillment

Happy Little Art People

Fostering art for children By Valerie of abundancelovetrip

Creating art can be fun for children. Not all children will be great at drawing. They might love gluing and collages? They might like photography. Make art with your child even if its just with crayons?

Art can be cartoons? Art can be funny, sad and pretty. Have your child make holiday or decorations instead of just buying them.

Simple Change For Good

There are a lot of simple ways you can do social change. You can mix and match.

1. Buy more chickpeas and hummus. This might sound odd but chickpeas give former Tabaco farmers an alternative income. More chickpeas mean less smoking. Chickpeas are tasty and healthy and a simple way to elevate your diet.

2. Shop at a charity thrift store. You can save money but also your being greener, and helping charity. Some thrift stores have better sales than others.

3. Exercise more:If you cannot get a full half hour or hour in do 5 minutes at a time. A couple 5 minutes in a day can add up. 4. Go to the library: The library is paid with your tax dollars so use it. There are more books at a library. You can rent free movies, audio tapes, music. You can read magazines.


  1. Thanks for the feature Val and great ideas for living more simply. You can also challenge your kids to take their chore money and see how far they can make it go at the Dollar Tree store. I like that one the best. There are lots of things there that kids can splurge on for making art with. Lots of things there that mixed media artists can get for making interesting art as well. :)

    Have a great weekend!