Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Poem: Unfinished Masks, Valentine products, art

Unfinished Masks
By Val of aboundancelovetrip yelled paper crumpled in between stained fingers Do not confine lives to a list of unfinished acts Its no grand act Its little acts that show who we are and what we have hidden behind paper masks That are thinner than we realize My goals for the new year:I always like to make mini goals that I can actually accomplish instead of making a grand hard to do.

Here somethings to accomplish now 1. Try one new on the menu 2. Buy myself a small fitness product 3. Say something nice to someone 4. Go to a thrift store and donate something 5. Give to charity 6. Buy a piece of art can be print or original 7. Buy some good lotion or soap and actually use it 8. Have a ten, 15, 30 day challenge instead of a year challenge. 9. Buy some art supplies and use them.


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