Sunday, May 1, 2016

Real Downloadable Gifts for Virtual times 2

Real Downloadable and virtual Gifts for Virtual times

Why would someone want to give downloadable gifts? You might not want to send a heavy gift through the mail.

You might have run out of time for last minute shopping.

You or the person you are giving to might be environmentalists.

You and the people on your shopping list might just have too much stuff and very little space.

You might know them online and don't have there address but have their email address.

These can be great for belated birthdays List

Here Comes Science (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version) Music Ebooks (If they don't have a kindle they can get kindle for PC and read on comp

Ipad apps

android apps

ITunes music for ipad

Write a homemade poem sent by email.

Send a gift code via email from Amazon, zazzle or Walmart.

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