Thursday, March 1, 2018

How To Save Up For An American Girl Doll, I18 Inch Dolls, Laundry Soap Dilemma,

American Girl Doll Note

This is how to save up for up for an American Girl Doll from the real prince club.

We love the real prince club. Its clean videos that are for families. They do doll sketch comedy,

art, speed draws, tips on making money to buy dolls, crafts, toy thrift hauls.

18 Inch Dolls

The American Girl doll in our house is a second hand doll that my mom, sister and I bought together.

I was going to buy by myself but my Mom and Sister wanted this to be a Family gift.

Secondhand is the way to go.

I personally prefer Our Generation and walmarts My life dolls. The only difference between Our generation and American girl doll is American girl dolls have much better hair. Our generation is a sturdier doll other wise.Our generation deluxe dolls come with the books and some accessories. If you decide you have to have American Girl doll get accessories from Walmart or have your kids make their own. Making fruit stands and cupcake shops can be a lot of fun.

We have a journey girl doll it has an amazing face but wish it would blink. The doll is a great looking doll.

Laundry Soap Dilemma

Why Powdered laundry soap isn't that good a Deal or good for the Earth

You would think that powdered soap is cheaper more earth friendly but its not.

Just because it cost less it doesn't mean its cheaper.

Powdered soap often doesn't dissolve well so I often have to do a load of laundry twice or sometimes three times when I use it.   I can not just do a light cycle in cold water.

I am on the hunt for a good cheap liquid laundry soap I can find in bulk.

News: has a new book coming out Creative Online Millionaire.

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