Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy president's Day, New comic

Happy president's Day

All she wanted was a toy oven not a Doom ray for her birthday.
Why did her mom have to be a mad scientist

Some new art by me
I did a lot of new stuff last week.

Fishy Fishy Magic

wink heart

Silly pink heart tie

Zazzle Finds


Cute Nessie

Cute weddinng sticker

Cool robots

I just love this

All I can say is wow
Imagination speckcase
Imagination by siffert
See more iphone cases

Cute drawing

MMMM toast

A day in Paris

Another tree I like

Art necklace




  1. Very cute comic and love your latest designs! The fishy one is so adorable. :) Thank you for featuring my tree and birds design!!

  2. Thanks for featuring my products! :)
    -Skull Muffin Factory