Monday, February 28, 2011

New comic, zazzle finds, zazzle tips for Shops

New comic

Worked on two new comics
Hey all hope you had a great weekend
Got to see Megamind. I liked it.
I also got to go to library.

my mixing color abstract shoes

Cute Wedding Cake




cute and well drawn
bird song shirt
bird song by eloise_spleen
Browse Zazzle for another

Queen of the Stamps


trendy and classic

my best friends mug

Stained Glass sticker

So cute

Well done, trendy,

Cool shoes

bold flower

Abstract poster

Pretty Bird

Pig birthday invite

What a cool kawaii "cute" cat nurse


Zazzle Tips for Shops
1. Just get your art out there and try. Don’t procrastinate.
2. Don’t put the zazzle panel in your store. It’s actually made for blogs and can slow down older computers. Some people refuse to refer stores with the blog panel because of this.
3. Don’t put music in your shop. It not only slows down run time but many people buy from their lunch break and don’t want load music to disturb their coworkers. It distracts people from buying your products especially if they like your taste of music. You want people going into your store not hanging out in the front page.
4. Promote other sellers.
5. Unless your famous or have a ton of family buying everything you’re not going to make money with 35 products. You don’t have to have 1,000,000 but you should have enough for return customers. You can have specialty niche shops with less than 200 products but many of the people who do well with them have many of those little shops.
6. Don’t violate Zazzle terms. Many products that violate copy rights will be canceled at the printer. Meaning you have a customer who won’t want to buy from you in the future.
7. Try not to delete your products but there are a few times you should. Older products that when you try to customize them say they picture might be pixilated. Zazzle won’t sell these products even if someone tries to buy them. If the photo is half cut off or blurred. If the product violates Zazzle terms remove it.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my elegant personalized binder! Great blog! Have a great day!

  2. Hey thanks for featuring my croc and my cat on you lovely blog! I feel very special to be featured twice! Advice also greatly appreciated! :)

  3. Awesome advice to Zazzle sellers! Thank you for featuring my Floral Honeysuckles Business card design! I love your 'Best Friends' design! So adorable. :)

    As always, you're the Best!! :)

  4. Hey! Thanks a lot for the feature. I really appreciate. Also, great tips =)