Monday, July 11, 2011

Mad Mad Princess:

I drew this inspired by the art of my child

My two princesses were smiles all day. I tried to keep them happy even though I was going through some hard couple of weeks.
In the hospital waiting room (my almost 4) princess colored. She loves to color.
She drew what looked like a princess in the hospital but the face was that of a monster.
I asked her “Is that a fairy princess or a monster?”
“A fairy princess” she then added wings. “She’s angry”
“why is she angry?” I asked
“Because she can’t see her daddy.”
My husband has been in the hospital for several weeks. His operation we had a month ago went wrong and there grew an infection. Mom (Mom in law) and I were taking turns to see John but children not permitted.
My children were finally able to see dad the next day.
My husband has another operation later this week if the infection is gone. He uses a medical pump to be able to walk without severe pain.

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  1. Poor little princess misses her daddy! Sorry you and your little ones have been so worried about him. Hopefully he'll be all better soon.

    Love the awesome teal green abstract iPhone design! The colors are very lovely. Love the contrast between the bright teal green and the black! Well done.