Thursday, July 21, 2011

For the Artist: Questions about art to ask Yourself?

For the Artist: Questions about art to ask Yourself?
1. What art do you like to do
2. Who is your favorite artists
3. What makes you feel like an artist?
4. What’s keeping you from Making the art you wish too

Storm. print
Storm. by vilhei
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Cupcake and Narwhal

cupcake and Narwhal


1 comment:

  1. Ohhh! Thank you for featuring my Red Sky at Night painting! I LOVE your Empty Call Green Abstract design! How pretty is that?! Do tons more like this please!! Love your Narwhal Cupcake designs too. Very cute. :)

    1.I love doing abstract painting art.
    2.Don't have a total favorite artist but really enjoy lots of artist's works. Especially the artists that do Abstract Encaustic works. Yummy.
    3.I feel like a true artist when I get lovely feedback from folks that lets me know I've created something that speaks to them and their tastes.
    4.Right now painting our house and garage is keeping me from creating as much as I'd like! But I know that before long I'll be right back at it again.